2021 FBA Draft

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The 2021 FBA Draft is scheduled to be held in the middle of September, 2021.

Team Draft Picks

Abbv Team Cap Picks
ALB Albany Alphas 90.0 ALB 1st rd, ALB 2nd rd
ALK Alaska Arctics 90.5 ALK 1st rd, ALK 2nd rd
AZW Arizona Whips 90.0 AZW 1st rd, AZW 2nd rd
BAL Baltimore Spirits 90.0 BAL 1st rd
BGR Bangor Tides 90.0 BGR 1st rd, BGR 2nd rd
BLV Biloxi Voodoo 91.0 BLV 1st rd, BLV 2nd rd
DAK Dakota Bikers 91.0 DAK 1st rd, DAK 2nd rd
EDM Edmonton Totems 90.0 EDM 1st rd, PIT 1st rd
HNT Huntsville Mayors 90.0 HNT 1st rd, HNT 2nd rd
HWI Hawaii Kahunas 90.0 HWI 2nd rd
LOR Lorain Firestorm 90.5 LOR 1st rd, LOR 2nd rd
LVG Las Vegas Wildcards 90.0 LVG 1st rd, BAL 2nd rd, TXS 2nd rd
MON Montana Howlers 90.0 MON 1st rd, MON 2nd rd
PIT Pittsburgh Keystones 90.0 PIT 2nd rd, EDM 2nd rd
PLY Plymouth Taproots 93.0 PLY 1st rd
QNS Queens Pride 87.0 QNS 1st rd, HWI 1st rd, LVG 2nd rd, QNS 2nd rd, PLY 2nd rd
SAS Santa Ana Spectrums 88.0 SAS 1st rd, SAS 2nd rd
SEA Seattle Summit 90.0 SEA 1st rd, SEA 2nd rd, WPG 2nd rd
SJT San Jose Thrust 89.0 SJT 1st rd, SJT 2nd rd
TAL Tallahassee Typhoons 90.0 TAL 1st rd, TAL 2nd rd
TEN Tennessee Moonshiners 90.0 TEN 1st rd, TEN 2nd rd
TXS Texas Lone Stars 90.0 TXS 1st rd
WIL Williamsburg Minutemen 90.0 WIL 1st rd, WIL 2nd rd
WPG Winnipeg Voyageurs 90.0 WPG 1st rd

Draft Order

  1. EDM (from PIT)
  2. HNT
  3. EDM
  4. AZW
  5. TXS
  6. QNS
  7. SJT
  8. LOR
  9. TEN
  10. WPG
  11. TAL
  12. ALB
  13. WIL
  14. ALK
  15. MON
  16. BAL
  17. SEA
  18. SAS
  19. QNS (from HWI)
  20. BGR
  21. LVG
  22. BLV
  23. DAK
  24. PLY
  25. PIT
  26. HNT
  27. PIT (from EDM)
  28. AZW
  29. LVG (from TXS)
  30. QNS
  31. SJT
  32. LOR
  33. TEN
  34. SEA (from WPG)
  35. TAL
  36. ALB
  37. WIL
  38. ALK
  39. MON
  40. LVG (from BAL)
  41. SEA
  42. SAS
  43. HWI
  44. BGR
  45. QNS (from LVG)
  46. BLV
  47. DAK
  48. QNS (from PLY)

In the Pool

Players submitted draftee applications for review and hopeful acceptance. The list of every draftee accepted by Committee is below.