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While Tino Hazari (Dhole, G) continues to come off of the bench this season, the starting shooting guard position has fallen to fellow sophomore Evan Cross (American sable rabbit, G). An anomaly to be sure, but one that Cross firmly believes he has earned and he is more than willing to broadcast his new position to the entire FBA. From Tweeter to the court, the young rabbit is not shy about voicing his opinion of himself with anyone who is able to hear him. Whether they want to listen to him or not. Since going after the Albany Alpha’s Terry O’Toole (Irish Wolfhound, F), Evan has taunted and smack-talked each of his opponents from the opening tip until the final buzzer and has brought out both the best and the worst performances from his counterparts. Cross’ antics rarely amount to more than mere words, but this Sunday he had something special in store for the Bangor Tide’s Ash Van Zant (Raccoon, G).

Ahead of the Whips visit to Bangor, Evan wondered on Tweeter if he should be worried about Van Zant, a clear reference to Van Zant’s recent suspension for a hard foul he committed on Seattle’s Leon Delmont (Cougar, G) that broke the cougar’s nose, and promised that he’d “come fully prepared” for the matchup against the raccoon. Being prepared meant that Evan wore a mask similar to Delmont’s during the Whip’s pregame warmups. Seemingly to drive the point home, Cross wrote “unbreakable” across the nose.

Clearly the mask had set the raccoon off, he’d been trying to move on from the scuffle but much like the bandwagon crying he’d punched him it just kept pissing him off. He’d even pleaded to the refs about it to no avail... “Big mistake…” emphasised by the sheer, utter death glare he shot at the rabbit at tipoff. “Unbreakable huh...we’ll see about that punk…”

“It was just a joke,” Evan said after the game. When asked about why he would go to such great lengths for such a low blow, Cross just shrugged. “It was a joke. All ya’ll need to let it go.”

Ash may have been irritated with the lapine’s pregame antics, but he didn’t let that throw him off of his game, scoring 24 points while shooting 50% from the field in contribution to a 12 point Tides victory. However once the press wanted to hear all about it...he let loose...

"I'm one of the fastest guards in the game! So yeah, ya'll wanna try me with some sorry defender like Evan Cross? Big mistake, got what ya paid for! Mr. Unbreakable? Yeah right! Get my name outta ya' mouth!"

The reporter seemed a bit perplexed but kept a straight face. "Is this about Cross himself?"

"Damn right it is...Wanna open his mouth an' mock me like that? How tasteless can ya’ get? Seriously…” Ash clearly irked “Frankly, only thing that Cross kid needs is ta’ get his ass kicked. He ain't just trash, he trashy as well! Braggin' about his padded stats when I stripped the ball from him like takin’ candy...So yeah, he wanna try that again openin' that sewer he calls a mouth, I dare ya! I'll shut it again real quick!!"

When told of Ash’s fiery remarks, the rabbit seemed bemused. “I mean, he can try. He know where to find me. I ain’t going nowhere.”

Thankfully, or sadly depending on which polar side you fall, any sequel on-court confrontations between Cross and Van Zant will have to wait. The Whips and Tides won’t meet again until April 12th in Flagstaff..

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