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A rookie lost among stars...seemed to be the headline for Blake Kelly from day one when Seattle drafted him. Tonight would prove to be a different story.

Facing up against the Whips, Coach Crestin saw an opportunity to let their newest starter have some fun and show that he could really play with the big boys. Needless to say he was not disappointed tonight!

Blake seemed less and less like an awkward fawn and more and more like the strong young buck he is. One could almost see the defense backing off as he'd drive in the paint...guess they didn't wanna get tangling up with The Freakshow...and that ain't just because his physical appearance, piercings and all. Even those foolhardy enough to try...well there's a reason this deer likes the paint. He always takes contact like a champ. Not to mention how he can nab rebounds like it's nothing...he even made McCarthy have to sweat it out in the battle of the boards. He mighta been just short of the double-double, but let's not let that detract from the clinic he put on tonight! One word for him tonight...Dominant!

"Sure...the look and nickname help for intimidating my opponents but I make sure I can actually be a threat on the court. No settling for scraps tonight. So, don't stop me now!" Walking back to the locker room with a smile on his face.

As Blake entered the away locker room, it seemed one more surprise awaited him. As he walked in his teammates all began showering him with skittles. A fun little throwback to a nickname he'd picked up in the combine...Just singing, and dancing and having a jolly time! Guess a player's first PotG is a reason to celebrate...Don't stop 'em now I guess!

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