Aditya Anggun

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Aditya Anggun
(Asian Palm Civet, G)
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ADI SAS Away Jersey Crop.jpg
Art by Adabune
No. 11 – Santa Ana Spectrums
Position Guard
Species Balinese Civet ( Viverridae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born (1993-09-03) September 3, 1993 (age 28)
Kuta Selatan, Bali, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesian
Listed height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Listed weight 177 lb (80 kg)
Shoots Both/Right
Career information
School ASEAN Joint Venture Sports School
FBA draft 2014 / Round: 1 / Pick: 6th overall
Selected by the Santa Ana Spectrums
Pro playing career 2014–present
Career history
2014-present Santa Ana Spectrums
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2014
2021 Salary $10 million
2022 Salary $10 million
2023 Salary $10 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Blake Toivonen
(OOC) Creator Ada
(OOC) Actor Ada
(OOC) Usage Only use if I opt-in

Early Life

Born in the red light district of Kuta Selatan (South Kuta) in Bali, Indonesia, Adi was born to a life of poverty, and was... obtained... at a very young age by the underground Slave trafficking network in Indonesia.

He ended up forced into survival sex by the chain of brothels in the area who took him in (with pickpocketing tourists in the area as a part time job), and over time ended up as a high demand 'company' part in due to the rarity of his coat colour he attained while growing up compared to other Asian Palm Civets.

To explain the above, as time went by, his fur colour went from dark brown, like other common Asian Palm Civets, to a shade of golden brown. The rarity of his coat variation caused the cartels to elevate him as an exotic source of excellent income, and made sure to force him to stay in shape in order to remain desirable to high profile, rich customers.

Due to the above, Adi was assigned to a bodyguard/handler, and while it was him who kept Adi on a leash, it was also through him Adi came to know Basketball and Pencak Silat, a form of unorthodox martial arts that was taught in many parts of Indonesia. He took it to these 2 sports to vent his frustrations, pouring all his emotions into them to forget all the horrible misdeeds he was forced into, and those he did in order to survive. He also often ran with his handler, who over time slowly, but surely became sort of the closest thing to a family he had, despite not seeing eye to eye most of the time.

At the age of 12, the regional investigative police network managed to crack the underground cartel he was working in. After a struggle on both sides, to which he witnessed his own bodyguard/handler's gruesome death by gunshot, he, along with some other child trafficking victims were smuggled to the island of Batam. The cartel members were arrested upon arrival on the island however, and since Adi and his fellow victims then had nowehere else to go, they started a new life on the island of Batam instead, ending up as labour workers to the 2 newly established holiday resorts there (Nongsa, Batam).

From Child Labourer to Soldier

As a worker at both Nongsa Point Marina and Turi Beach Resort, Adi spents a lot of his work time as a delivery boy and heavy labour worker, his duties spanning delivering goods, maintaining the condition of the resort chalets, and if the resort transportation vehicles breakdown, pretty much spending about half a day running across vast distances of land carrying goods and supplies needed for the resorts along with a few of his colleagues (the distance between Nagoya and Nongsa span about 25km, so Adi and some fellow workers spend at least 1 or 2 days a week covering distances greater than that of a marathon each), plus hauling and lifting motor boats manually back to shore after holiday goers are done with them, essentially building up his stamina and strength.

While not at work, he tends to spend his time brooding a lot at first, but over time learnt to redirect his focus to better himself at his Basketball and Silat abilities, aided by the fact that the resort has a half basketball court built in case any international guests wanted to play the game over there, his colleagues joining in on him every once in a while.

There have been a few times where he had been sexually harassed by some guests who had taken note of his rare coat colour variation for an Asian Palm Civet, coupled with his good build and a height taller than most Indonesian males at the age of 20. While he is successful in refusing some of them in their advances, some of the resort guests were more... physically persuasive... causing Adi to need to suppress and immobilize them... And with the physically larger and/or guests, things get violent at times.

While he does what needs to be done to be able to feed himself and keep healthy while working in Batam, the incidents mentioned above reminded him a little of the past, with days where he get harassed leading him to be unable to sleep while nightmares hounded him.

His opportunity to leave the resort for something better came indirectly to him in late 2008 (age 15), where a Singaporean rat-bunny hybrid male animator came to work with the Animation and VFX company setup in the resort, a series of events leading him to end up enrolled in the ASEAN Joint Military Venture Sports School at the very start of 2010, with him specialising in both Basketball and Hand-to-hand Close Combat.

In order to expedite the qualification to obtain a Singaporean permanent residence, Adi was drafted into the military proper. Under the request of CPT Aida Olivia Zhao, he was inducted into the MSS (Military School of Snipers), where he graduated as one of the top 10 of his batch (of a batch of 150) with a rank of Lance Corporal, and was assigned to the 1st Commando Battalion in Hendon Camp, Singapore, as a backup Sniper to the ASEAN Emergency Response Special Tactics Unit there.

While playing basketball, he was a high support emphasis player in his team fitting in the role somewhere between a Point Guard and Pass Specialist, specialising in getting the ball where it needs to be on the field while his team mates act as a distraction, keeping him in the open and unguarded quite a lot of the time, using his speed and immense court awareness to his advantage as a strong passer + setup player, specializing in either taking point or as an indirect passer. He doesn't, however take a lot of shots, and is quite a picky shooter.

With the opportunity given to him and the things he's experienced in the past, he lived frugally, and gave what he can, when he can, to the goodwill organizations (Such as the World Charity Fund, run by Cliff Matthiews' father Rowan Matthiews) that are helping to make Indonesia a better place for those who live in poverty, but making a basic salary (comparable to just almost US$1000.00 a month) still makes such a thing a faraway reality.

Learning that the 2014 Draft Pool for the FBA was open, he decided to submit his name into the league for trial, part because of his own ego, believing that the best of players in the ASEAN Military Combine (and with that, the Military World Games) can stand their own with the best of what the FBA had to offer, part because there were benefactors he wanted to live up to who had lost their lives, and part to make a difference for those who shared a history similar to his own, believing that they deserve a better chance to achieve their dreams.

Life in the Military

At the start of 2010, Adi began his term in the ASEAN Joint Military Venture by attending boot camp (3 Months) to get himself accustomed to military life basics, and also to gauge his physical abilities, before being assigned assigned to the 1st Commando Unit, trained as a sniper (And by extension, situational camouflage and stealth).

His weekends are spent in the Joint Military Venture Sports School (JMVSS) as long as he's situated in Singapore, with his specialization in basketball and close quarters combat, further expanding his Silat fighting style, with the faster Wing Chun and the brutish Krav Maga.

Having had experience as a Basketball Trickster/Performer back in the days working at the resort, and a good stamina already (even by military standards), he made the Joint Military Combine Basketball team as part of the bench by the middle of the year as the team's 6th Fur and backup PG, and was personally coached by the team's Captain, CPT Aida Olivia Zhao (PG/SF, Rabbit), who further refined his basketball tricks into very powerful, irregular passes based on martial art palm strikes/push/swipes.

While his weekdays were spent in Hendon Camp as an Assitant Physical Trainer, Assistant Close Quarters Combat Trainer and Backup Sniper, most of Fridays and the rest of the weekend were spent in the JMVSS with Basketball and Martial Arts, along with improving his English, picking up a secondary language (Mandarin), basic math and basic sciences.

With regard to his work in Hendon, he trains recruits in the art of Close Combat along with his superior, 2nd LT Depam Shealtiel (Ram, Krav Maga specialist), one of the best Krav Maga specialists from Israel, and an ex-underground cage fighter. He also assist Shealtiel in getting the recruits into shape as his assistant physical trainer.

As a sniper, he has been trained in the art of situational survival, fast decision making with regard to his environment and targets and also in the art of stealth and camouflage. This comes naturally to him, harking back to the days where he had to be extremely situationally aware when he was working as a pick pocket for survival while he was still a child, given how important it was for him and others to escape quickly, or risk certain death (roadside children where Adi was from are too poor to afford medical attention, and those who take part in criminal activities are in general left for dead).

On the field, he is also accustomed to working alone, as snipers usually do, or with a squad of 2-3 including himself at the very most, acting as either an infiltrator, a recon, an assassin or as a long range backup, accurate up to 800 yards with an M16 rifle. Survival comes into play when he's left alone for a long period of time, and aspects of his survival training covers the topics of camouflage, hunting and testing if unknown herbs are suitable for consumption.

His applied Close Combat skills have come into play during his security and special peacekeeping assignments, taking down targets without firearms. He has had to suppress targets much bigger, physically stronger than himself on multiple occasions. As Rules of Engagement state, firearms should be used only as a last resort, hence his CQC training comes into play, both serving to protect others around him, and preparing those who'd protect others in the future.

Adi is often deployed to the Thai region in 1 month stints for peacekeeping missions, often ending up playing quite a bit of Basketball with others there, who get assigned to the ASEAN Patrol units there from other ASEAN affiliated countries. He was also assigned to the Philippines from time to time, which resulted him in participating in the Biannual Philippine Iron Fur Competitions.

In Singapore, Adi actively represents the Hendon Camp's (where the 1st Commando Unit is housed) basketball team as their primary PG, being called on into the main ASEAN team when the main team (comprised of players from many other units) is called on to play against teams from nations outside of the ASEAN, an example being the Military World games in 2011 (Every single military Camp has their own sports team/teams of some sort, eg. Singapore's Sungei Gedong Camp has it's own Water Polo team, as does Hendon, and they go head to head within the National Military Games, a way to spot military sports talents, to possibly have them be developed to represent the country).

It was also in 2011 that the ASEAN Basketball team lost to the American Military Basketball team in the finals, taking 4th place. It was during this time that Adi first met and played against René Lacoste, and gained a lot of respect for the jackal, for how he plays and handles his team.

Playstyle History

Born in South Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, Adi was drafted into the ASEAN Joint Military Venture Sports Team (Joint Military Combine, JMC for short) - Basketball Division, when first spotted by CPT Aida Olivia Zhao's (SG, ASEAN Commando) and MAJ Sayeed bin Hussein's (MY, ASEAN Engineering Corps) direct relative

He displays excellent ball control, having worked as a basketball trickster on the side while primarily serving as service crew in Nongsa Point and Turi Beach in Batam, Indonesia.

He was drafted into the Joint Military Venture Sports School in late 2009 (Woodlands, Singapore), where his basketball skills were further polished.

He also displays an uncanny awareness of the position of everyone on the court, as if looking at the entire court from a higher angle, and serves well in getting the ball into the right places at the right time.

Adi is highly athletic, possessing a strong lower body, a stable core and swift arms resulting from a history with Pencak Silat (An unorthodox, Indonesian version of Silat mixed with other forms of martial arts), and possesses quick reflexes and speed, which he uses in conjunction with his court awareness to swipe, intercept and/or steal the ball from the opposing team when possible.

While possessing the jumping ability to reach the hoop, going as far as jamming his forearm into the ring for a very showy dunk, he's not witnessed doing this much, doing so only to increase the team's morale and have the audience cheer for the team when the team's steam maybe running low. In fact, he's not a huge scorer, primarily focusing on his job getting the ball where it needs to be. The reason for this, he says, that someone of his height would be far too vulnerable spending too much time in the air, especially against a dirty playing team. Even if he can draw a foul, the risk of injury due to either party due to the extended airtime is high.

The above reason is also why he doesn't go for as many rebounds as he can, balancing his time on the inside for quick offenses, and staying on the outside a lot of the time to focus on his irregular passes, but there's little to worry about that as he knows his much taller SF, PF and C team mates are able to get the job done... That, and that they're far more suitable for doing that than he ever would be no thanks to his short height compared to most of everyone else.

Integrated into the ASEAN JMC Basketball Team, he tends to prefer playing with another Combo Guard on the court, with strategies discussed with the team to focus on quick, run-and-gun style attacks on the opposing team's hoop, with call playing falling approximately 60-40 between his fellow Guard and him, while he specializes in accumulating a large number of assists, and extremely quick passes. A 3 Guard Offense is his prefference attack strategy, one of the Guards doubling as a Swingfur or Point Forward.

In general, the ball never stays too long with him, quickly being passed from one point of the court to another when it reaches his hands. He has been witnessed making crazy passes with but a tap of the ball, perhaps stemming from his heavy hand-to-hand combat based martial arts background, and his work as a basketball trickster, where he assists with pushing the ball back in a 180 degree direction (pass reversal misdirection), accelerating the speed of an ongoing long distance pass with a palm push or side slap while the ball is in mid-air, or having the ball approach and leave his position to a pass target at very sharp angles in but a fraction of a second, essentially vectoring the direction of the pass.

From the time he started playing, he's trained himself in ball control using both hands, becoming equally proficient in controlling, dribbling, passing and shooting using both hands, so he combines this with his deceptive misdirection skills by starting out his play on the court using just his right arm, and should the opposing team adapt to Adi's pass heavy playstyle directed using his right hand, he'll switch the game up to throw off his marks using the left hand for passing instead, and then mixing his pass styles using a random combination of either hands.

In essence, while the team plays with Adi on the court, what they must pay attention to is not Adi himself, but rather the position of the ball on the field.

He primary deploys deception on the court, his usual moves ranging from postponed passes, behind the back passes, blind passes, pump fakes, shot fakes, direction changes (cross overs, ankle breakers), fadeaways, floaters and an unorthodox palm push/tap/slap (using the arms as if they were tennis racquets with his palm and fingers as the net) having the ball rebound on the floor or shot at chest level, an unorthodox pass style with great accuracy speed while on the court, all matched with an incredible stamina (He's a long distance running pacer in his Unit, a marathon runner, as well as a regular participant of the Biannual Philippine Iron Fur Triathlon), partly explained by the extreme long distances he has to cover on foot delivering objects during his youth in Batam (Public transport is virtually non-existent there then as the island is still being developed, and as of now in 2014, Batam is still a backwater island).

Another part to his deception is visual misdirection, where he uses his immense court awareness to maintain his knowledge of everyone's position on the court, while almost NEVER at once looking at his opponents directly in the eye, causing them to second guess his intentions if Adi and anyone were to be locked with them in a one-on-one, intentionally having them stay even more aware of WHERE he's looking at rather than paying attention to him. The only time where he locks his eyes with his one-on-one opponents however, is to lock their attention onto him while passing the ball to a team mate when their field of vision is focused on him, essentially making the pass invisible to whomever he's engaged against.

While he's in the open, his scores are usually a healthy mix from the 3pt. line, layups, reverse layups, floaters (teardrop shots) or hookshots. While Adi can dunk, he doesn't do that often, perhaps just once every few games, or to get team and fan morale up when need be.

His overall shot stats are decent, FG% at 57%, 3pt % at 53% and FT% at 88%, but looking at the numbers, he never really does take a lot of shots while on the court (Low overall shot count coupled with somewhat relatively decent accuracy equals low number of errors made, and higher than usual percentage results), preferring to enable his team mates do the job while he draws attention away from them, getting the ball to them and/or leaving them in the open to make their shots, himself making the shots only when both attention is drawn away from him and when the ball is in his hands. Statistically, most of his throws are from FTs and 3pts when he has the chance to make a still shot. Even then however, he rarely ever scores over the 5 pt. mark in any game. Excluding Free Throws, his mix of direct hoop shots average a count of less than 3 per game on average in all the games he's participated in thus far, with it not being surprising that he makes 0 direct attempts at the hoop. Rather, Adi focuses his playstyle to bolster his team's scoring strength through his supporting instead, with Adi placing a huge faith on his military teammates to get things done, getting the crowd roaring and the team heated up by setting up Alley-oops or unexpected Assists, be them direct or indirect.

Essentially, Adi's a Pass First mentality team player, with a strong emphasis on 'team' and much less of an emphasis on 'I', a valuable asset to any team seeking a player strong in dribbling, passing, stealing and assisting, with a somewhat above average scoring ability, able to fulfill both the role of a Point Guard and Shooting Guard, and when necessary, a Small Forward thanks to his jumping ability, and perhaps a 6th Fur with his specialty in semi-unorthodox passing techniques.

Adi places a heavy emphasis on teamplay and flexible strategies, and is a specialist in starting and following through many different variations and extensions of the gap-kick-swing offensive playstyle, with his experience in the JMC Basketball team has allowed him to meet players of all sorts of personalities from honest players to rough and/or dishonest players, allowing him to integrate into any team well, but in a team where trust and teamplay is the core foundation of things, Adi can make everyone else other than himself absolutely shine by performing to the fullest supporting the team in the shadows.

Stat Summary:


+ Teamwork focused

+ Unpredictable passing ability

+ Gap-Kick-Swing Defense Scrambling Specialist

+ Lasting stamina

+ Agility/Dexterity/Reflexes

+ High jumping prowess

+ Exceptional ball control

+ Able to pull of both unorthodox and textbook fakes

+ Steals


- Shot accuracy decreases exponentially the further he is from the board

- Average shot accuracy

- Blocks aren't his strong point (Height mismatch)

- Gap-Kick-Swing requires a very well integrated team

Ironfur Combine

Aditya Anggun finished 9th Overall at the 2014 Ironfur Combine, placing him in the "Top 10."

In individual events, he won Gold in the Agility Trials, and Bronze in the Speed Trials.

FBA Career

Adi submitted his name into the 2014 FBA Draft. He was highlighted on May 26th as a featured player by Patrick Suarez:

Adi was picked by the Santa Ana Spectrums during draft night, Aug 31st 2014, essentially beginning his career as a pro basketballer with the FBA.




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