Alyssia Silverman

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Alyssia Silverman
(Red Vixen, G)
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Alyssia Silverman.jpg
Illustrated by JTigerclaw
No. 0 – Lorain Firestorm
Position Guard
Species Red Vixen ( Canidae )
Gender Female
Full Package
Personal information
Born Omaha, NE
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Listed weight 190 lb (86 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
FBA draft 2007 / Round: 1 / Pick: 19th overall
Selected by the Santa Fe Whips
Pro playing career 2007–present
Career history
2007-2014 Santa Fe Whips
2014-2015 Newark Pride
2015-Feb 2016 Las Vegas Wildcards
Mar 2016-2018 Winnipeg Voyageurs
2018-2019 Arizona Whips
2019-present Lorain Firestorm
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2021
2021 Salary $4 million
2022 Salary $4 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator JTigerclaw
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Alyssia "Full Package" Silverman is a shooting guard for the Winnipeg Voyageurs. She was drafted 19th overall in the first round of the 2007 FBA Draft by the Santa Fe Whips and had played with the Whips her whole career until being picked up by the Newark Pride in a sign-and-trade during the 2014 off-season. She then transferred to the Las Vegas Wildcards during the 2015 off-season, then ended up in Canada in the middle of the 2016 season. She is also a talented musician, artist and dancer as well as a wife and mother of one.

Early Life

Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, Alyssia was the personified "Daddy's Little Girl." She idolized her father, Damon, as he was there while her mother, Tanya, worked in the real estate business. Damon was a huge Dakota Bikers fan, and as a result Alyssia developed an affinity for basketball, rooting for the team from Sturgis.

That love grew her drive for the sport and that became the largest focus of her life. When she signed her commitment to play in Nebraska Unifursity, her new coach praised her as having the "full package" of skills. Her new teammates immediately pegged her with the moniker. Alyssia's father came to see her for every Nebraska home game, growing the bond between them.

High School and Collegiate Career


Personal Life

Alyssia is a very easy-going fur, always warm and cheerful, very rarely negative. She believes that positive energy leads to positive things, so that's what she tries to focus on. Her smile is enough to light up the locker room and her presence there is felt by always bringing support, friendship and joy to her teammates and those around her. Her motto is "Basketball is a game, not a job. Enjoy what you do and your performance will reflect it." A free spirit, humble and a promoter of peace and understanding, teammates and fans enjoy being around her for her positive energy, welcoming demeanor, friendliness, astounding beauty, brightness and "cute" sense of humor.

Alyssia is currently married to Joseph Kinnhaiser (arctic fox), a popular indie rock musician and songwriter for the group "My Tears; The Smallest Tsunami". They have a young fox cub, Hope (12/21/2008). Alyssia has been featured in a few MT;TST tracks, playing piano in most songs and sometimes singing with her husband. The song "Secret Garden of Beauty and Mischief", a duet between Alyssia and Joseph about an experience they shared as a young couple, made its way to number 20 on the Indie Rock Charts and received a good deal of public buzz and radio air time.

Silverman met Kinnhaiser at a public fundraising concert in Santa Fe a couple of months into her rookie year with the Whips. The two foxes started dating (at least publicly) midway through her rookie season (2007-2008) and the pair caught a lot of publicity in the media around the Playoffs when it was discovered she was pregnant with his child. She and Joseph were married in the FBA offseason, 8/8/2008, and Hope was born Dec 21 of that year. Due to being a sports figure already known by the public, Alyssia chose to keep her surname, legally making Kinnhaiser her middle name. Silverman sat out the first 4.5 months of the '08-'09 season because of the pregnancy and birth, but gained medical clearance and returned to the court for the Whips in mid-March.

Alyssia is a very talented artist. She is an amazing drawer and painter, winning Best of Show at an Omaha art festival in college with her stylized painting of FBA legend Healey Davis going up for a dunk. Her other artistic skills include illustration, cartooning and sculpting. Her work has been featured in numerous publications such as "Modern Day Renaissance", "Visualist" and of course "Furballer". Her favorite painters are Da Vinci, Raphael, Botticelli, Manet, Magritte, and Dalí. She enjoys Renaissance/fantasy themed art and exhibitions and has been known to attend Renaissance and Medieval fairs and conventions in costume.

Alyssia also is a talented dancer, and in fact dancing was her very first passion as a kit. The styles of dance she can perform well are hip-hop, jazz, modern and belly dance. She also performs Tai-Bo and yoga as an exercise alternative to the gym to stay in peak physical shape.

As mentioned before, Alyssia is a skilled musician, and she loves the art of music. She is most skilled at the piano, having taken lessons for 6 years from the age of 6, and singing (she is self-taught). She is a lover of all music, though she most enjoys piano music, gospel, hip-hop, pop-rock and indie. She also is big into fashion and has done a bit of modeling on the side and in ads (Pawtene Fur Conditioner, Abercrombie and Finch), though she has said she does not want to make it a career because it tends to focus too strongly on appearance and ignores the true essence of the individual. Her wide range of talents and interests are another reason for the nickname "The Full Package".

Alyssia is very active in the community and supports many charitable causes. In her younger years, she dabbled in activism, speaking out for furs and feral rights, predator/prey equality, LGBT rights, and against war and various cases of federal and state injustice. An extremely open-minded fur, she has also publicly supported alternative sexual lifestyle groups such as BDSM, master/pet and polyamory while denouncing the need to fit into a narrow societal viewpoint. As a result, she has met with opposition from groups against such things, one right-leaning group of moral crusaders even going so far as to vandalize Silverman's home and car. Because of this, and to show her continued support for alternative ways of living and thinking, she sports a leather collar commonly seen in BDSM circles. While she claims the collar is simply "a fashionable accessory that stands for tolerance and freedom of expression", she will neither confirm nor deny her own involvement in any form of alternative lifestyle, daring media members and the public to "think what they want." Alyssia is also a quietly practicing Buddhist, and she donates 15% of her salary every year to charities and furs in need.

Despite all her glowingly good traits, Alyssia is still sometimes prone to vanity (she demands a smaller, snug-fitting jersey and has never had a bad hair day) and can come off as preachy at times. One of the very few times she will get noticeably irritated is when others don't seem to respect her views or speak out in some way against equality or something she believes in. The "intolerant of intolerance" description applies when that happens, and though she supports the rights of furs to live as they choose, she doesn't appreciate it when they do not share the same viewpoint. Alyssia also claims she still gets nervous before every game, even pre-season, but "the nerves subside once I'm out there." She has a mild to moderate fear of flying too, and she takes sleeping pills before flights to help her cope.

Professional Career and Game