Jake Turner

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Jake Turner
(Red Fox, C/F)
Flag gb.png
Wendingo jake turner.png
Drawn by Pac
No. 33 – Plymouth Taproots
Position Bigfur
Species Red Fox ( Canidae )
Gender Male
Vulpine Cheat Code
Personal information
Born (1996-03-28) March 28, 1996 (age 25)
London, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Listed height 7 ft 11 in (2.41 m)
Listed weight 331 lb (150 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
School ELion University (UK)
FBA draft 2014 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2nd overall
Selected by the Seattle Summit
Pro playing career 2014–present
Career history
2014-2018 Seattle Summit
2018-present Plymouth Taproots
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2014
2021 Salary $30 million
2022 Salary $30 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Wendingo
(OOC) Creator Unknown
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


Jake Turner's is a story about growing out of your parents' legacy and forging your own path in life.

Growing up, Jake Turner has had to deal with living under with his parent's shadow. Being the son of an FBA Hall of Famer (Vicki Turner, current GM of the Seattle Summit) and a late Iraq war pilot isn't fair. The whole world knows your story and expects so much from you. They expect the same kind of greatness in you. This kind of attention leaves a many children of known athletes with shoes that they can never fill. With expectations they can never match.

But Jake Turner dared.

Without a father figure in his life, and with his mother's professional basketball duties keeping her occupied, Jake Turner was sent to 'public' UK boarding school. There, the young kit found himself pushed and teased for his birthright. He learned the only way he could shut his critics up was with actually results. In time, he learned to love the squeak and rattle of the hardwood as he pushed himself day after day to be better. Jake had to be good, he had to be strong. He had to live up to expectations- He had to make his family proud.

Weeks turned into months and months turned into years. Day in and day out Jake Turner practiced and played- and that obsessive work ethic began to produce results. In 2013 Jake single handedly took his college (US High School equivalent) team to the European International College Championship game. The fox followed it up an absolutely dominating freshman year in the University leagues- setting single-season records left and right. With nothing left to prove in Europe, Jake has put his name into the 2014 FBA draft.

And while he's wowed critics and made scout's jaws drop with what he can do, there are whispers of his maturity and decision making. Behind that towering frame and insane skill set, is a little kit struck with anxiety, emotion and a will to succeed that is borderline obsession- all just to make his mom and dad proud. It is a double-edge sword, what makes Jake good, also makes him unstable.

Jake has all the skills and talent to not just succeed, but to be one of the all-time basketball greats- However he's not his mom or his dad. In order to be successful in the FBA, and more importantly, in life itself, he'll need to forge his own path and destiny. And he might not find it in the roundball when all is said and done... Ultimately the question is- what is going to happen when he reaches the big leagues and has to face the adversity of the whole world looking at him... and expecting.

Professional Career

Jake Turner was initially projected as a top ten pick in the FBA draft due to a lack luster combine game performance with scouts citing concerns that they young 18 year old wasn't ready for the professional leagues. However when draft night came, the crowds were stunned when the Seattle Summit traded career all-star Xavier Knutten in a three way deal to obtain the #2 overall pick and select the young kit. The deal was considered controversial given the fact that the fox was considered a 'reach' at 2, and that Seattle's current General Manager was Vicki Turner, Jake's own mother.

2014-2015 Season

Jake Turner made his professional debut on November 14th (His player's birthday) against the Texas Lone Stars and instantly made a name for himself- Earning 21 pts, 13 reb and player of the game honors. Perhaps it was being under the comfort of his own mother's wing, the young fox's offensive dominance caught the entire league off guard. Turner set a league high 40 points on March 21st and in an emotional game, put up 35 points 11 rebounds on December against his mother's old team, the Dakota Biker's, in their first matchup since her public ousting a season ago. Not without flaw, Jake struggled against his mother's old team, the Plymouth Taproots and performed worse under high pressure situations. During the first round of the playoffs, Turner was non-existent against the Arctics, with reports coming in that the post season pressure was just too much for the 18 year old. Turner was a shadow of his long self until game seven when the sleeping giant woke up.

While the fox would lead his team's back from the brink of elimination with 29 points and 9 rebounds, http://furrybasketball.com/wiki/index.php?title=2015_FBA_Season/15.05.19/[email protected] Completely drained, Turner and team were sent home early by a superior Arctics team, but for a better next season.

For his efforts, Jake Turner was honored with the 2015 Rookie of the Year award award- marking the first time a mother-son combo has both won the award, and the first time an 19 year old as won the award.


  • 2014 Draft Combine: Gold in the "Ironfur Champion" .
  • (Gold in the Vertical Jump, and Silver in the Maximum Jump)
  • 2014-2015 FBA Rookie of the Year
  • 2015 FBA Rookie Challenge Starter
  • 2015-2016 FBA Most Valuable Player
  • 2-Time FBA All-Star