James Caliber

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James Caliber
(German Shepherd, G)
ID# 1108
No. 8 – Winnipeg Voyageurs
Position Guard
Species German Shepherd ( Canidae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born (1996-04-08) April 8, 1996 (age 26)
Plymouth, Minnesota
Listed height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Listed weight 189 lb (86 kg)
Shoots Right-handed
Career information
School Oregon State
FBA draft 2019 / Round: 2 / Pick: 37th overall
Selected by the Winnipeg Voyageurs
Pro playing career 2019–present
Career history
2019 - present Winnipeg Voyageurs
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2020)
  • 2018 D-league All-Star MVP
Contract information
Contract year 2021
2023 Salary $3 million
2024 Salary $3.5 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator beat
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


"That's the kind of $#&@ that happens when you put low life like that on ME."

James caliber was born in Plymouth,MN a nice small neighborhood. Since his birth he’s had a good life, him and his huge adopted brother jaylon that’s currently still in college played football every night but of course he was always getting hurt even though jaylon was a lot younger his brother seemed to destroyed him on almost every play. that’s what other players mock him for, such a good early life while some other, players have a crisis in their background, something bad happened to them, driving their mindset to where they are now. Caliber has a different thought on things like this. He’s always thought that the only thing that drives mindsets is how hard they push themselves, how far they’re willing to go to become a legend.

James Caliber's first love in sports was football, where he played Quarterback all the way through his Freshman year of High School. By then he had hit his growth spurt, adding twelve inches to his height by Sophomore year. As he grew however, his father pushed him to try out for the basketball team. James had spent much of his time playing football as the backup Quarterback, usually only brought onto the field for trick plays due to his mobility, and his prospects in High School for starting were bleak at best. Though that truly was not the only reason his father pushed him towards basketball, for his dad had played Power Forward in collage for Oregon and wished for his son to follow in his footsteps. James eventually caved to his father's pressure, giving up football and started playing basketball, lucky for him his High School team was pretty bad to say the least, and he easily made the team with his athletic abilities. Though his High School career he trained and trained, set on becoming a Great no matter how much less experience he had, started turning heads as he developed into an athletic 3-Point specialist, eventually, and luckily, being offered a full ride to Oregon State.

But it was cut short his Freshman year. In his third day of preseason training, he suffered a tear in his groin and was forced to redshirt his freshman year due to the injury. When he came back he still couldn't play for three months as the injury continued to linger and nag him. Finally, he was healthy enough to return to the court wherein the first game he started as their Shooting Guard, scoring 25 points while shooting efficiently with a 55% field goal percentage, and caring his team to victory. But his on the court success did not translate to school, as his Sophomore year came to a close it became evident he would fail multiple classes and got declared academically ineligible, essentially kicking him off the team for his Junior year. By the time he had raised his grades to a point that kept him barely eligible it was already his Senior year. It started off well, continuing where he left off leading his team in scoring from the field and proving deadly beyond the arc. However; just as things started to look up he yet again he found himself unable to keep his grades up. With the first semester ending, he faced inevitable academic ineligibility for the second time. Thanks to his Redshirt status his Freshman year he did have the opportunity to return the following season, but rather than face the same cycle of grades getting in his way he quit the team, instead of devoting the rest of his time focusing on preparing for the upcoming draft. Unfortunately, due to his limited playing time in college due to injury and grades, he ultimately would have gone undrafted had he declared for the 2018 FBA Draft. Instead, he chose to use the new avenue of heading into the D-League in order to prove himself before the 2019 FBA Draft.

Throughout his d-league career James showed his talent, with an on going rivalry against other player Xavier cross, he drive himself to the brink barley making it on the “on the cusp” for top 24 draftees, Later on He finally made a decision to enter the 2019 to show who he is, and what legend he is to become.

Getting drafted mid 2nd round, he had no recognition or any expectations from almost anyone. Caliber had taken this in a way that wasn’t to popular in the league, hungry for fame he fought his way to the starting position at shooting guard in a very aggressive way and at this point had been labeled as ‘uncontrollable and ‘stubborn.’ But at this point he had enough and gave them a critical response averaging 14 points per game with 88 percent from the line. After all of this he was hungry for more as he got himself on the bench for the rookie all star game. Now a regular fur would take this as a huge honor but James took it as disrespect towards the effort he put this season lashing out for no reason . At this point caliber is digging his own grave, hearing the his brother was making a rise to the league he promised himself to leave a better impression, now we wait to see what he can do to redeem himself