Martin O’Connor

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Martin O'Connor
(Scottish Fold (Domestic Cat), C/F)
Flag de.png
No. 5 – Lorain Firestorm
Position Bigfur
Species Scottish Fold ( Felidae )
Gender Male
Puffypaws, Puppy, Marty
Personal information
Born (1997-10-26) October 26, 1997 (age 23)
Berlin, Germany
Listed height 7 ft 6 in (2.29 m)
Listed weight 197 lb (89 kg)
Shoots Right-handed
Career information
School Chicago Bay
FBA draft 2020 / Undrafted / Pick: 46th overall
Selected by the Lorain Firestorm
Pro playing career 2020–present
Career history
2020 - present Lorain Firestorm
Contract information
Contract year 2020
2021 Salary $1.5 million
2022 Salary $1.5 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent HoVoLogo Mini.png
(OOC) Creator Subject Sigma (AKA DeadRushSoda)
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


Martin O'Connor was born at home on October 26th, 1997. He was the biggest kitten ever born throughout his family history since his family usually grew to the 5’ range. Once he was born, his mother Sofia and father Fredric were greatly concerned over his health because of his size. They had young Martin checked out, just to make sure that nothing was wrong with him. Fortunately, nothing was wrong with Martin and he was healthy.

However, Martin's family had a dark secret, which was their tradition. When the kits were old enough (Around 10), they would be declawed. His father would claim that it ""separated them from the wild cats"". This doesn't seem like a problem at first, but at the time in Germany, it was made illegal. It was especially illegal to get declawed at a young age. Martin, who was only ten at the time, was traumatized during and after the declawing process.

Growing up, Martin lived a wealthy life, never really going without much. After all, he was born to a team owner and model. However, he scorned his parents for declawing him and his kin. Martin played sports like soccer to keep his mind off of family matters. He was good. Really good. He excelled more quickly than his teammates. However this grew boring for him over the years and seeked for something more challenging. Something that he didn't find til he was in middle school, when his adopted kit brother, Kristopher, introduced him to the sport. Basketball.

When he started middle school, he signed up for the basketball team. In the beginning, he wasn't the best at basketball at first. This was a completely new sport for him to master. Martin, like any other new player, had to practice. A lot. All this practicing made him forget about his problems and to actually enjoy life. Yeah, he never really got much floor time, but when he did, he learned and grew from the mistakes he made.

Highschool had to be one of his best years. He grew more skilled in basketball, and even brought his school to the playoffs. But all good things must come to an end. During the third quarter, Martin's father came and interrupted the entire game. Martin grew furious, saying some hurtful words that got the attention of the media. After this incident, Martin left home.

Martin didn't really care for where he was going at the time, and found himself in America. From there he paid for tuition at Chicago Bay so he could start anew. He meets Oscar Johansson, a Saint Bernard who teaches him English and helps him get established in America. When Oscar mentions that he plays for the college's basketball team, it didn't take long for Martin to join. Together, the two would play in the FCAA until losing to another University. When Oscar announced that he would be entering his name in the 2020 FBA Draft, Martin was hesitant at first. But, with help from his friends and siblings, he gave in and placed his name for the Draft. He hopes to make a name for himself and to never be associated with his parents again.