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Archived Answers
Written by Shataivian

March 24th. Baltimore was scheduled to play in Albany, but the game was not the important part. It would be the first time being in Albany since All-Star Week. Lisa left before her team to arrive in New York early in the day. If Valencia wasn’t going to give Lisa her birth certificate, and if her father was going to continue to hide things from her, she was going to take matters into her own hands.

Jason had suggested finding information at the library in the town she was born in. With her schedule, getting to Albany couldn’t happen any time she wanted to. She was at the mercy of the FBA. So, she waited. March 24th couldn’t come fast enough. At least, that’s how Lisa felt right up until that day. Her plane touched down around 8am local time, where she planned to take a taxi straight to Albany Public Library. From there, she would have all morning to suss out any information on her mother, and hopefully close the door on all this mystery.

With the library not opening until 10, Lisa had time to grab some breakfast. On her way she caught the attention of members of the morning rush, smiled for pictures, and signed autographs. Once at the restaurant Lisa picked at her food as she thought through what she was about to do. What would she find? What if she find’s Bellamy’s obituary and it gives her no new information? What was she even looking for? What was she expecting to find? What information could she gain from finding her obituary?

Lisa took her time knowing she had about 2 hours to spare. She thought about her last conversation with her father. Was he her father? Valencia’s riddles made it seem like he wasn’t. If only she had her birth certificate. But she needed her mother’s maiden name. That’s right. That would be one piece of information she could get by finding her mother’s obituary. But what if it actually was ‘DuPont?’ Then what? She’d be right back where she started. Maybe it wasn’t ‘DuPont.’ But that would mean David lied to her. Again. Why? What was he still hiding? Maybe Valencia was right. Maybe Lisa knew nothing about her real parents. What if Bellamy wasn’t even the name of her mother? Well, her obituary would help to figure that out.

10 am. Lisa was down the block from the library and ready to start her search. She strolled down the street, still catching the attention of fans, and signing autographs. She smiled and laughed, but her body felt hollow. Turn the corner. There. Lisa stood in front of the doors and took a breath. It was time to get some answers, no matter how big or small they would be. She pushed the doors open and made her way to the front desk. A mallard greeted her with the typical pleasantries before recognizing her and upping her excitement. Lisa smiled and laughed it off, then asked where she could find the newspaper archives. The mallard leaned over the desk and pointed off to Lisa’s left. She asked if Lisa needed help finding anything, but Lisa did not move. There, in that corner of the room, would be answers to questions she’s been asking for most of her life. Was she ready?


In a sudden, Lisa smiled, thanked the mallard, and rushed out of the library. No. This was too much. There was no way Lisa was ready to face this. There were too many what-ifs that would be hard to swallow if true. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t bring herself to do it. She wouldn’t get the chance to be in Albany for a long while, so this would be her one chance to get information before either Valencia or David did something to change that. But still, she couldn’t do it. If only Damario was there. No. No, that wouldn’t help. He was gone. Gone for good. If only Jason was there. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t ever going to be. Jason’s shoulders belong to someone else. Alone. How was she supposed to handle this alone?

Emmett! Of course! How could she have forgotten about her brother? This wasn’t over. She headed downtown to visit Emmett at Albany Family Dental. Lisa recognized the doe at the front desk from the time Lisa came to see Sandrine. She waved to her, and the doe smiled back, coming around the desk to the door that led patients back to Emmitt’s rooms. She opened the door and guided Lisa to the back where Emmett’s office was, not even needing Lisa to ask her to do so. Emmett was typing at his computer before looking up and greeting Lisa with a hug. Thank goodness for Emmett. With him by her side, she wouldn’t have to face the truth alone.

Noon. Lunch time. Emmett and Lisa walked to the library in silence, both thinking about the implications of the information she might find. What would this mean for the siblings? Were the even siblings? Did it matter? This was for Lisa. It was important for her to find the truth. They walked back to the newspaper archives, took deep breaths, and started.

Here we go.

Emmett suggested that Lisa find the newspapers with the dates that included her birthday to a few days afterwards just in case an obituary wasn’t written the exact day of her death. They gathered a collection of newspapers from different companies in the area. Time to search. First up, December 26th, 1995, the day Lisa was born. If Bellamy passed giving birth to her, there probably wasn’t much of a chance to find an obituary on the same day, but Lisa wanted to be sure. They checked several newspapers, and nothing. That’s okay. That’s no surprise. Next, December 27th, 1995. The two found a single obituary on that day, and it was for a steer in his late 80’s. Not her. December 28th. No obituaries. December 29th. Two obituaries for people in their late 60’s and 70’s. Not her. December 30th. No obituaries. December 31st. A tragic accident involving a teen in a car accident. Not her. January 1st. Nothing of importance. January 2nd… 3rd… 10th… 21st… February 12th… March… Why? Why?! Why, why, why?!

As the hours ticked by Lisa was left with absolutely nothing. She asked the giraffe at the front desk who had replaced the mallard from earlier in the day if there were any other newspaper archives from Albany and the surrounding areas they could have missed, but of course, there wasn’t. Time was up, and Lisa needed to meet with her team to play against the Alphas. She did it, right? She went to the library to find answers. But what did she find? Only that things didn’t add up. Now what?

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