Tanner Hunt

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Tanner Hunt
(Spotted Hyena, F)
ID# 1243
Tanner Hunt Albany.png
No. 13 – Albany Alphas
Position Forward
Species Spotted Hyena ( Hyaenidae )
Gender Male
Yeenstein, Yeenator
Personal information
Born (1998-12-08) December 8, 1998 (age 24)
Aston PA
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
Listed weight 336 lb (152 kg)
Shoots Right-handed
Career information
School IFG Academy
FBA draft 2021 / Round: 1 / Pick: 12th overall
Selected by the Albany Alphas
Pro playing career 2021–present
Career history
2021 - present Albany Alphas
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2022)
Contract information
Contract year 2021
2023 Salary $3 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent HyaHyena
(OOC) Creator HyaHyena
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


Tanner Hunt was born on a cold snowy day between the holidays on December 8th 1998 in a wooded suburb in Pennsylvania to two loving Hyena parents. His mother Ann a hospital emergency receptionist and His father Darren a floorsman. Tanner was named after His mother Ann’s father Tanner who was a local basketball legend and local police athletic league president while also being a sports enthusiast. Tanner earliest memories were of Watching the FBA on TV with grandpa T with young Tanner always right in front of the screen watching the players go back and forth watching each dribble each pass each shot and so on while asking grandpa T questions about His own playing days and about the FBA with grandpa T always answering with a smile.

Tanner was always a rambunctious little Yeen pup getting in trouble around the house messing with His sister Mary and scheming with His pet Jack Russell Terrier Scooch which was named that way for a reason. Tanner even got in trouble at His grandpa’s house with snatching cookies that Grandma made when they were cooling off with Tanner’s Grandma never noticing due to him being light on his feet which led to Grandpa T always saying “Little Tanner did it!” Whenever a cookie had gone missing even though sometimes it was actually Grandpa T who ate the cookie. Tanner in school was actually the polar opposite of when He was out of school. Very shy and quiet Tanner made little to no friends while in school.

But Tanner was very curious about the world around Him so much so that he paid a lot of attention in school and with a little help from His parents and grandpa T Tanner would almost Always get A+ on all his schoolwork, homework, Tests and projects which made Tanner very smart for his age. One summer Grandpa T wanted Tanner to play on his Police athletic league junior basketball team. The young Yeen immediately said yes and signed up for the team and chose the number 13 his grandfather’s old basketball number, eager to play and show grandpa T what He learned from watching the FBA with him. That eagerness did not stay for long as Tanner did not get to play at all mostly due to His teammates being more athletic and bigger then the diminutive Yeen pup which had them starting while Tanner sat on the bench most of the time.

Tanner reached His tipping point one day while still sitting as always on the bench watching with jealous eyes and heated temperament watched as His teammates played well without Him. With both His parents and grandpa T watching as they had always done at Tanners games saw the young Yeen get up from the bench and ran out of the gymnasium running all the way back home go into His room and started crying on the bed. Grandpa T followed closely behind Tanner worried for the pup all the way from the gymnasium to the house then to Tanner’s bedroom where He found the pup crying on His bed. Grandpa T consoled Tanner while the young pup told Him that He was fed up with being on the bench while his bigger and more athletic teammates played with tears running down his muzzle. Grandpa T listening closely tells Tanner that he can train Tanner to be more athletic and better at basketball and do all He can to Get Tanner to be at his best at basketball.

Tanner answered his beloved Grandfather with a tight hug His tears almost stopping immediately. Grandpa T started to train Tanner doing basketball drills all day until sunset until Tanner had the drills down and was exceeding expectations when Tanner did not have school and going over FBA game video footage which Grandpa T asking Tanner what kinds of methods and plays the players in the footage to get the win over their opponents with Tanner answering back with all that He knew and was sometimes corrected by His grandfather and was sometimes right with his answer. They specifically watch FBA game footage of Jake Foxzilla Turner since He was Tanners role model and idol second only to grandpa T in Tanners eyes with the young Yeen wanting to incorporate Turner’s play style with his own. Grandpa T also wanted Tanner to get strong and faster by doing some weight training and running and light jogging which both Tanner succeeding at with immense strength and light footed agileness. During the Training Tanner finally had His growth spurt going from a diminutive 5’7 to a very large 6’8”which led to adjustments additions to Tanners training with Tanner training as a power forward putting more of Foxzilla’s play style into Tanners own style.

One day after a particular hard basketball practice Tanner came up to His grandfather and surprised Him with the news that he tried out for a spot on His highschool sophomore basketball team the Avengers and actually won the spot! Hearing this Grandpa T lunged forward and hugged Tanner. Tanner started His sophomore season on the bench with his grandfather's number 13 playing as a backup Power forward coming in off the bench. When coming off the bench Tanner played a physical aggressive type of play style always physically getting in the way of attackers using His light footedness defending the court with His immense strength blocking the shot lunging towards the ball for a rebound and scoring using a mixture of mid range shooting and hard slam dunking while also using His high basketball iq to judge whether to take a shot or dunk to score or pass to a teammate for them to score.

Tanner also used His high iq while on the bench helping the coach develop plays that boosts His teammates strengths while also limiting their weaknesses earning Tanner the nickname of Yeenstein! Tanner after impressing the coach got promoted to the starting five at small forward with Grandpa T always videotaping Tanner's plays and highlights with. smile. Tanner averaged for the season half starting off the bench and half in the starting five totaling 22.1 points, 8.7 rebounds, 4.6 assists, 1.2 steals and 3.0 blocks. With Tanner’s help the Aston Avengers finished 10th in the state in the 2016 season. In the summers between basketball seasons Tanner always ramped up practicing with grandpa T always trying new drills and exercises with the Teenaged Hyena always dreaming of playing in the FBA.

For his junior season Tanner averaged 25.3 points, 10.7 rebounds, 5.0 assists, 1.4 steals and 4.3 blocks with His team finishing 4th in the state for the 2017 season with grandpa T starting to make a collection of Tanner's tapes. And finally with Tanner's Senior season arguably His best season yet Averaged 30.3 points, 10.1 rebounds,7.0 assists, 2.6 steals and 9.7 blocks with his team finally playing the state championship against a state powerhouse. Before the championship Tanner was the number 1 high school basketball player in his state if not the country garnering attention and scholarship offers from universities such as New York Carnivore/Predator University, Pack Territory University and even PredTech of Northern California all the way across the country! Tanner was leaning towards attending Pack Territory University with grandpa T proud of His grandson and excited for the championship!

During the championship game warmups Tanner noticed that grandpa T was not in the stands video taping like He always did which seemed strange to Tanner. During the game Tanner stole peeks at the stands still looking for his grandfather instead seeing his parents in grandpa T’s favorite spot. His mother Ann constantly wiped her face with red eyes hugging his father. His father Darren looked sullen while watching the game smiling a few times at Tanner.

When the buzzer went off Tanner's Avengers Won 100 to 88 winning the state championship! While His teammates were celebrating their win Tanner went straight to his parents wondering where grandpa T was still. Tanner’s parents were standing by the gymnasium doors when Tanner finally found them. His mother told him Grandpa T had an accident and fell when getting ready for the game with Tanner’s grandmother finding Him unconscious and called 911 where Grandpa T was rushed to the hospital where Ann worked. While the family rushed to the hospital the state championship trophy was handed out with Tanner being named MVP of the championship.

When Tanner finally got to the hospital He saw His grandfather His namesake full of oxygen and other tubes while wires were all around Him connecting to a large machine. The Hyena Family and extended family waited in the waiting room until the doctor who has treated grandpa T since He got to the hospital came in and informed the entire Yeen family that when grandpa T fell he suffered a stroke from his brain bleeding and that grandpa T will never wake up from His coma. With that the Hyena’s all consoled each other and one by one each said their goodbyes to their patriarch with Tanner being the last. Tanner walked over to his bed, got on his knees next to His grandfather, bowed His head and prayed and then kissed his grandpa T on the cheek while saying “Thank you for all that you did for me grandpa. I will miss you and with a tear streaking down His muzzle Tanner said his final goodbye to his beloved Grandpa.

Afterwards Tanner would graduate from high school with honors and would later reject all scholarship basketball offers from the university's offers citing that He wanted to be close to his family at the time. His mother Ann’s Brother uncle Will offered Tanner a job at the family business a metal shop which makes HVAC parts for HVAC company’s where Tanner was Taught the ropes of the family business while using his immense strength lifting metal sheets and cutting them with a plasma cutter. He still practiced basketball daily with weights exercises getting even stronger which earned him the nickname Yeenator at his local gym while also doing jogging. After grandpa T passed Tanner found all the tapes of his high school playing days collected by his grandfather. Tanner collected them up and put them in His bedroom. Fast forward 3 years later at a company expo Tanner aged now 22 plays a pickup game representing His uncle Tanner absolutely dominating the other team His skills as sharp as ever with His strength defending physically and doing hard slam dunks while also using his light footedness to run laps around the rival players while in the crowd a basketball talent agent and also former FBA player velociraptor Dino Lizarri astonished watching Tanner play started recording the pickup game which Tanner’s team later won 120 to 66. After the game with Tanner all by himself sitting on the stands drinking Infuriade Dino walks up to him sits down and they start talking about basketball then the FBA and Jake Turner and finally talking about grandpa T with Tanner saying he noticed Dino taping Him and that He had His old high school tapes taped by grandpa T back home in his room and that He would give Dino the tapes if Lizarri would give the tapes to the FBA for the upcoming draft and post it on all the major social network websites. Dino agreed and recommended That Tanner go to a famous basketball academy called IFG to work on and hone his skills even further citing it would be the best for Tanners Draft stock.

Tanner had always dreamed of playing in the FBA not for himself only but for His beloved Grandpa T and what better way to honor His grandfather by playing in the FBA with grandpa T’s number 13.