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Terry O'Toole
(Irish Wolfhound, F/G)
ID# 1080
Art by Pac
No. 3 – Albany Alphas
Position Swingfur
Species Irish Wolfhound ( Canidae )
Gender Male
Triple Threat, Himbohound
Personal information
Born (1996-03-09) March 9, 1996 (age 27)
Boston, MA
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Listed weight 250 lb (113 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
School FurMass
FBA draft 2018 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1st overall
Selected by the Albany Alphas
Pro playing career 2018–present
Career history
2018-present Albany Alphas
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2020
2023 Salary $13 million
2024 Salary $14 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent BigCed
(OOC) Creator Unknown
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Draftee Bio

It is not uncommon for scouts, in basketball and other sports as well, to label a player with the cliché that he or she is a “student of the game”, which generally means that they devote significant time to learning plays and studying film. Scouts have indeed labeled Terry O’Toole as a “student of the game”. But it’s probably more accurate to say that Terry is wholly enamored with the game of basketball.

“That’s an awfully nice way to put it. My teammates would simply say I’m obsessed. And they’re not wrong.” (Terry laughs.)

Terry credits his father Cedric O’Toole, the longtime Taproots beat writer and later sports columnist and radio host, for nurturing his love for the game. Growing up in the O’Toole household meant a front row seat to hear furry basketball lore as told by one of the game’s great storytellers. This was not lost on the young wolfhound, who often enjoyed these tales more than either his more musically inclined older brother Donovan, or his mother Margaret, who had heard them ad nauseam.

“Yeah, I owe a lot to my Dad. Anyone who knows him, they know he can spin yarns with the best of them. (He laughs.) But even more special, all these former FBA players he’s come to know over the years, they would come over to visit. It was like…imagine you’re a kid who is into video games or music. And your dad knows developers from Nontentsu and 2K Fur, or Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. Larger than life figures, people you idolize. Needless to say, as a pup who loved all things basketball, having these great FBA players in my living room was an awe-inspiring experience.”

For Terry, the most fondly remembered and impactful of these visits were those made by Vicki Turner, and her son, Jake Turner.

“My Dad and Vicki have always had a special relationship, considering he witnessed her career firsthand. And she has always been a player I’ve admired, just as an all time FBA legend. I still have, in my room at home, Dad’s old tape of her in the first ever Three Point Shootout back in the ‘80s, the one she won while wearing a warm-up jacket. Watching it as a pup, seeing her sweet shooting form, that’s what made me want to learn to shoot three pointers.”

“So of course visits from Vicki were special enough to start with. But she would also bring Jake, my age and just as into basketball. We would play one on one, and even when we were kids, you could tell he worked on his game, and that pushed me to do the same. We both dreamed of playing in the FBA one day.”

As the two boys grew older, and Jake went off to hone his skills at Britain’s finest boarding schools, Terry spent his nights on the blacktop in South Boston. But the young wolfhound wasn’t playing around with friends. In fact, he practiced alone, sticking to a routine he came up with based on counsel provided by those same former FBA players he had come to know as a pup. This included a shooting drill based on the FBA Three Point Shootout. From five positions around the arc, he would take five shots each. He would go through this sequence twice, once from just inside the three point line, and once from just outside the arc.

“I still run through that drill every night. There’s always been something comfortable about the routine of going through it. Some of my teammates, they don’t understand why I do it, go out and practice on my own. They feel like practicing with the team is enough. But it’s never been enough for me. I know, deep down, that if I want to make it to the next level, play with the pros, I have to put the work in.”

That tireless work ethic was very much appreciated by his coaches, and while it may have been lost on some of his teammates, they couldn’t deny his boundless enthusiasm for the game. Having those qualities, combined with a sharp tongue and quick wit that are trademarks of O’Toole men, helped Terry grow into the role of a unique kind of team leader. A leader who could go from being his team’s biggest cheerleader, to a no-nonsense general on the floor and in the huddle.

Terry would also grow physically, going from 6 feet tall and exclusively playing at the two guard positions as a high school Freshman, to a muscular and athletic swingfur at 6’5”, 240 lbs by his Senior year. As the young wolfhound grew, so did his game, as he developed a post game on both ends of the court to complement his sharpshooting and on point passing.

Local college scouts soon took note of the well-rounded skill set of the younger O’Toole. After a Senior season in which he lead South Boston Catholic Canid (a school better known for its football program) to its first Boys Basketball championship in 36 years, he had a number of scholarship offers from schools like Holy Cross Canid, Connecticut Canid, Boston Interspecies, and even feral focused Atwood College.

Ultimately, Terry decided to accept an offer from the Furniversity of Massachusetts Amherst, known better locally as FurMass. Wanting to set out on a different path than his father, a Holy Cross alum, and realizing that the feral culture of Atwood made it a less than ideal fit, that left two major conference schools and the mid major in Western Mass. FurMass coaches promised Terry an opportunity to compete for a starting spot, while both Boston Interspecies and Connecticut Canid planned to redshirt him.

“Some players might have been fine with being red-shirted. Hell, looking back now, I can even see how I might have benefited from sitting out that first year. But naturally, I wanted to play as a Freshman if I could, and FurMass gave me the opportunity to do that. And I have no regrets. My teammates and I built something special here, getting the program back to the tournament for the first time in almost 20 years, and then getting back there the next year. Now, I’m that much closer to achieving a dream I’ve had since I was a pup, to get drafted by and play for an FBA team.”


Since he's been in the league, Terry has taken the label of "himbo" and run with it. While some might consider the term insulting, the young wolfhound plays up his Marmaduke-esque persona, genuinely believing that people find big, dumb dogs endearing.

Part of what has earned him this reputation are his efforts in the gym. Since forming what he calls "Buff Squad" with gym buddies Arther Selby and Ash Van Zant, and even more so since meeting and befriending trainer Eileen Donnelly, Terry has gone from relatively lean for a forward to a heavyweight for the position. He aims to continue bulking up, citing the build of D'Angelo MacQuilkin as an aspiration.

When he's not being a "gym bro", Terry has proven to have a seemingly insatiable libido. He is a shameless flirt, eager to show off his body and proud of what he has to offer below the belt. He finds a wide variety of women appealing, but likes athletes best, especially fellow basketball players.

Disciplinary Incidents

At the 2019 FBA All-Star Week, Terry was removed from the East Rookie All-Star Team for violating the league's banned substance policy. As it happened, following his last place finish in the Three Point Shootout on Saturday night, the then rookie swingfur had begun drinking. Later that same evening he was offered marijuana cigarettes by a couple locals from Winnipeg, where that year's All-Star Week was being held. He accepted their offer, and the next morning, as he went out to purchase snack food at a convenience store, was photographed with that same pack of cigs by an FMZ paparazzo. While recreational marijuana is legal in Canada, it remains a banned substance for FBA athletes. In addition to being removed from the Rookie All-Star Game, Terry agreed to attend mandatory Substance Abuse education classes.

Terry would not be disciplined by the league again, until April 2020. On Easter Sunday, at a party held at the residence of retired FBA star Mitchell Redding, Terry met one of Redding’s personal trainers, a pitbull from Ireland by the name of Eileen Donnelly. While the two of them were intoxicated, the woman guided the wolfhound’s hand towards her breast, and Terry proceeded to grope her. This moment was photographed by sports agent Vincent Soro, and said photo posted by him on Tweeter the following day.

In response to the incident, FBA Commissioner Hugo Livingstone announced that O’Toole would be suspended without pay for three games and would pay a $150,000 fine, to be donated to domestic violence and sexual abuse charities. His team, the Albany Alphas, went further, effectively suspending one of their star players for the remainder of the season, missing the playoffs as a result. For his part, Terry pledged an additional $250,000 of his own money to the same causes as the league’s fine went to. He also announced that he would no longer be represented by his sports agency, effective the end of the 2019-20 regular season. However, Terry and Eileen have continued their relationship, with the pitbull drawing on her previous experience as a trainer for rugby and Gaelic football clubs to help the wolfhound make massive gains in the gym.