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Welcome to the FBA Wiki

Hi there! This is MadWorld, Wikimedia extraordinaire (not really)... Alongside our comissioners, FadedForest and Rourkie, the FBA is in the process of making aesthetic and functional updates to the Wiki. Some of these updates will be focused on navigation. We're also aware of several performance issues, but we can only address some of these in the near term. We've seen some doggies munching at the wiring... but no biggie! This section of the site is dedicated to providing news and updates about the FBA, which started its 2019-2020 season with the 2019 FBA Draft in September. Check out the "Calendar" section below for more details.

Anyone who wants to is more than welcome to create an account to create pages or expand existing pages. Please read the "How To Get Started" page for more information.

Lastly, DON'T BE AFRAID to join us on our Discord server! We're mostly nerdy sports furries, but we talk about nearly anything; we will warmly welcome you to our community. ^v^

FBA D-League

Did your player go undrafted? Get cut by a team? Don't worry, they aren't out of the league yet! The D-League is a Developmental League run by ~JWolfman who gives players an opportunity to show teams they have what it takes to make it in the FBA!

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FBA Regular Season: Started November 1st, 2019
- Click here for the full season schedule.
- Link above includes preliminary dates for All-Star Week

Game rotations (roster changes) are due at 4:00 PM EST the day of the scheduled game!

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Latest Broadcast

2019 Howlereen: Plymouth @ Montana - October 31, 2019

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