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Well well! The Pittsburgh fans are cheering tonight! And… pretty much everyone else actually! The Mayors have lost once again! You have to wonder folks, if some are happier that they lost than that their team won! Either way, This marks a three game losing streak for the team currently at the top of the League Standings!

Let’s take a look at what happened!

The Keystones start out strong in the first quarter thanks to a great double team by Terrence Tolliver (Pronghorn, G) and Lance Freewell (Clouded Leopard, C) effectively locking down D’Angelo MacQuilkin (Lion, G). Shirley Takamoto (Jaguar, F/G) and Ned Pritchard (Bullfrog, G) managed to get past the Mayors' defense and end the quarter with a five point lead despite the strong efforts of Hassan Kamal (Camel, C/F) and Steven Standard (Stoat, G).

With her boyfriend being shadowed and thus unable to use their renowned “Steak n’ Shake” maneuver, Wendy Brown (Saber-toothed Tiger, G) was limited in her own scoring during the 2nd Quarter, at one point having the ball snatched from her by Tolliver who danced circles around rookie center Baltasár Torrealba y Toboso (Aldabra Giant Tortoise, C/F), and took the Keystones advantage into double digits.

During the third quarter the Keystones put Silas Rand (Squirrel, G) and Wayne Kirkpatrick (Tasmanian Devil, F) onto the court, their combination of speed and finesse scrambling up the Huntsville defense and preventing Standard's many shots from turning the tables on the home team, though a last minute assist by MacQuilkin reduced the Pittsburgh lead down to 8.

In the Fourth Quarter, it was apparent that the Keystones are giving this their all, perhaps too much even, as Brandon Dreyvus (Opossum, F) had to go to the bench a few minutes after it started with a limp, only to be followed moments after by Freewell gingerly cradling his tail. The Pittsburgh fans grew quiet as the players left the game so soon. And some fast moves by Kamal brought the difference down to a mere three points. Teeth were gritted, fists clenched, Tolliver made a dash for the hoop and passed right by Baltasar who seemed to not even react as the pronghorn from Philly put the game out of reach for the Mayors as the crowd in the AmeriSteel Forum cheered the roof off the arena.

Could this be the beginning of a losing streak for the league leaders? Who knows! But there’s certainly something messing with their style. And tonight, that something was the Pittsburgh Keystones and Terrence Tolliver, who earned a well deserving Player of the Game.

~ Reese M. Keyes

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