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Four loses in a row, gents. This from a team that, earlier in the season, boasted a winning streak the likes of which the FBA hadn't seen in a long time. Love them or hate them the Huntsville Mayors seem a force to be reckoned with this year.

So what the heck happened?

Well for starters lets not turn a blind eye to the Santa Fe Whips' stellar performance. Though the team has had some serious PR problems in the past weeks due to one rookie's less than professional behavior, tonight they played like a well oiled machine... and Trent St Croix. But MOSTLY, like a well oiled machine! A shout to the magnificent Mallard, Michael Porter (F/C) and the amazing Angora, Serhan Tvetoglu (F/C). The Player Of The Game however, was one giant moose by the name of Karl Chiklak (c) who outscored FBA scoring legend, Steven Standard (SG). A well earned victory indeed!

However things turned a bit rocky towards the end. By the fourth quarter is was evident that the Mayor's starting rookie Baltasar Torrealba (C) was not performing up to standards, and had in fact been showing some problems since last game. In one play that earned the boos of their own fans, the tortoise attempting a block, slammed into teammate Alexander Moon (F), causing the grey wolf to misstep and injure his ankle. Surprisingly the coach did not have Baltasar recalled and let him continue playing. A decision that proved a poor one when, after only fifteen minutes, the Spanish reptile clashed with Whips feline German center, Friedrich Peschke. Each blasting the other with Spanish and German epithets this reporter dares not repeat, before their teammates managed to pull them off to the side. While both players were ejected, Peschke's performance had already helped give the Whips keep the advantage throughout the game. Ending in a close but decisive 2 point victory for the Santa Fe Team.

This marks the second ejection on technical foul for the Huntsville rookie, the first such altercation happening against during a match against the Tallahassee Typhoons involving their one of their own rookies: Keith Cortado. Now, Huntsville deals with quite a few "personalities" on its team on a regular basis, but now staring at their longest loosing streak yet, they Mayors standing as shoe-ins for the finals may be at risk.

~ Reese M. Keyes

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