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The Bangor Tides were quietly on their way towards building up a strong record, and this would be their last of two home games. Coming off three straight wins, including one on the road, the team was feeling the pressure to continue winning. Tides fans were still miffed over the loss of Lucas Dupre, and they still weren't quite satisfied with first round draft pick Clifford Carlin as Dupre's replacement. A fourth straight win would be huge for the Tides, as it would move them up in a tight race in the Eastern Conference that included Tallahassee. Tallahassee, who started off the season with a bang, were on a minor slump and eager to return to their winning ways. Prior to the game, Tallahassee point guard Ren Inoue had sounded off against Carlin on twitter. Bangor head coach Lorcan Donegan and Typhoons head coach Hildegard Tetreault had also gotten into a spat on social media in the days leading up to the game. Needless to say, the tension prior to the game was through the roof.

Both coaches made sure their teams were fired up during pre-game warm ups, and it showed on the court. This was surely one of the most heated, dramatic matches the FBA has seen all year: opposing players snarled and growled at each other for the game's entirety, with each team accumulating over 20 fouls apiece. Ren Inoue played hard and continuously fed the ball to Tallahassee's star Jake Velox, who posted a game high 24 points in another strong showing that solidified his position in the MVP race. But it would ultimately be Clifford Carlin, wanting to prove himself to Tides fans and playing angrier than ever before, who would lead the charge for Bangor, netting 20 points and 10 assists to earn his fourth POTG award. Four other Bangor starters scored in double figures: all-star candidate Blanc Mange, sharp-shooter Monty Silverthorn, versatile rookie Hal Dufrain, and stalwart center Constantine Jones, who also posted 10 rebounds to go with 12 points.

Could this be the beginning of an Eastern Conference rivalry between Bangor and Tallahassee?

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