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It was a hectic and fruitful match between two fierce divisional rivals and who would've predicted what was going to happen that night. While the Whips did end up on top with a 113-111 victory over Texas, two fish in particular stood out that night.

Wesley Lachs, the young salmon out of British Columbia, posted what was the best performance of his career so far, and with his fellow Heritage River alumni Ahti Nereus (White Sturgeon) getting the start once more at Center, the two connected on a level that was only seen previously on a CFIS level. The two synchronized with spectacular passing, aggressive moves in the offensive zone and getting over half of their team's total blocks! The two fish connected on an alley-oop late in the 3rd quarter to even get the home crowd out of their seats, with Nereus serving the ball from just inside the arc to the big salmon, who one-hand slammed it into the bucket.

You can say the two stole the spotlight from Godfrey Zindendel, who returned from injury that game and managed to post 12 points, but this wouldn't be his night. The home crowd cheered on the performance of both Mitch Ruffcorn and Karl Chiklak, who both connected several times throughout the game and posted double doubles to become the difference makers. Karl Chiklak used his big body and veteran experience to not only draw crucial fouls, but also make some vital three-point plays to keep the Whips within reach of victory, and was rightfully awarded the honour of 'Player of the Game'. Texas just couldn't keep up with Santa Fe's final push in the fourth quarter, but considering they were missing one of their best all-around players in Travis Buckner, you cannot get upset at them.

Sure the Whips won, but let me tell you this: If both Lachs and Nereus repeat their spectacular performance, look out. As a famous BDO song has told you before: "You ain't seen nothing yet."

- Mitch Dunn, TFSN

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