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This is certainly one of the best comebacks that the Spirits have displayed throughout the season. Major change of momentum in the 4th quarter. First, though, let's get the game highlights out of the way.

Moonshiners pull off with an early lead of 26-24 in the 1st quarter. Lucas Dupre (Red Fox, G) puts up the assist from Hank Sawyer (Virginia Opossum, G). The moment was strong and in the Moonshiners' favor. Spirits' Shooting Guard Silvia Windcreek (Silver Hare, G) drives up the ball down the lane but somehow, Dupre makes a steal and makes an outstanding play, breaking the tie.

Second quarter, the Spirits have the ball and {{ID|Samantha Anderson ran the court plays with Windcreek and Brax Trenor (Grey Hare, F). Their 1, 2, 4 play seemed to be working for the 2nd quarter. However, this didn't stop the monster Dewitt Azad Ghakhar (Markhor, F/C) from scoring the points. The first half had a dominating performance with the Moonshiners leading the Spirits 53-51.

Then, the superstar Theodore Rockwell (Wolf/Cheetah Hybrid, F) came back and raised the team's morale, keeping the Spirits players and fans hopeful that they'll deliver and make a comeback. And that come back is what they needed, after having a five-game losing streak. Rockwell and Wallace Butler (Emperor Penguin, G/F) faced off head to head and it was quite an amazing sight to see. It must've been those cheetah genes that he has because he moved in to get those assists in. Not only did he have speed, he had endurance to retrieve those rebounds for the team, keeping themselves in the lead. Not only did Rockwell provided morale, but he kept the players and fans alive with his clever inside plays.

Curtis Matheson, FSPN News

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