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Alphas Protest Spectrums/Totems game over a team 'playing too hard'

Albany - New York

The Albany Alphas issued, then recalled a formal protest to the league regarding against the Santa Ana Spectrums for 'playing their starters' During the last game of the year- Citing tampering and collusion charges.

The Spectrums played Edmonton Totems on the 29th in a do or die match for the Totems. A win would mean Edmonton would be in the playoffs, and would play the Spectrums in the first round of the playoffs. Given how Edmonton had a record of 3-19 in their last 22 games, many expected the Spectrums to rest their starters and let the Totems win to gain the favorable match up against a weaker team.

However, the Spectrums fielded their entire starting line, and played hard to the end, securing a closer than the final score indicates 4 point win at Edmonton. Combined with a loss from the whips, opened the door for the Hawaii Kahunas, who took home a stunning 98-96 win to secure the 8th seed in the playoffs. Hawaii has been hot, winning seven of their last ten games and taking 2 wins on the year against their divisional rival.

This angered the Alphas who cited collusion and tampering charges in an official protest.

"The Alphas own the Kahunas' 1st overall pick and the Spectrums intentionally tanked to hurt the Alphas. By letting Hawaii win, it eliminates our chances for a lottery pick. It makes NO sense for the Spectrums to play as hard as they did so they can play a more ‘competitive’ team " crowed Hugh Courtney (Assistant GM - Honey Badger)

Hugh's claim, as crazy as it may sound, is not without basis. Edmonton’s last 20 games have been a disaster, while Hawaii has been hot as a Luau party. Edmonton would of ended up being the far weaker team. Then there is the matter that Alpha's Current GM Ralqul Witt was with the Spectrum's GM for 3 years until the two teams silently parted way at the start this season. During the rookie challenge, the Spectrums were rumored to have been the source of the 'leaked' Ralqul's scouting notes of the non-top 24 players. Bad blood seems to remain between the two clubs.

"The Spectrums have nothing to gain here by letting Hawaii into the playoffs, this was an attack on us." cited Hugh.

Before the league could respond Stefan Calico could respond. Ralqul formally withdrew the application for a protest and the Alphas formally apologized to both the Spectrums and Kahunas for their mention. Saving what little face they could from an ‘embarrassing claim.’

The Kahunas play the Spectrums next week at Santa Ann while the Alphas are getting ready at home to deal with the Tallahassee Typhoons

4:00pm Update: Hugh Courtney fired from Alpha's Assistant GM position. FMZ on the way!

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