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A Tail of Two Teams Makes Three

Game Three of the Bangor Tides / Plymouth Taproots series saw the Taproots heading to Shawshank Stadium in Maine for the Tides' first home match-up. As it seemed to be encouraged by Plymouth's defensive shortfalls, the Bangor Tides gave them a run for their money.

A fiery start by the Tides was led by initially flawless ball-handling from young rookie Clifford Carlin (Dog, G), who worked well with Constantine Jones (Raven, C) and Raul Zuleta (Red Fox, G) to share the love. Zuleta was replacing Monty Silverthorn (Pine Marten, G) at Shooting Guard for the night, and it was a smart move by Coach Donegan. At their highest point, the Tides held an eight-point lead over the slow-going Taproots.

Despite this, Plymouth did not back down on their defensive scheme. Although the Taproots can claim Nina Lime (Wolf, G/F) was a major contributor to their success during the regular season, she was mostly silent during the first half. The attention was all on the Ethiopian wolf, Raoul Kidane (Ethiopian Wolf, C) - who seemed to send the message on Sunday night that he was, indeed, the "Apex" canine jumped out with 18 points in the first half. Kidane would finish the night with 28 points and securing his double-double with 15 rebounds, and the Taproots' one-point advantage after the First Quarter broke open in the Second Quarter - the Tides were down by eight at half time.

Bangor's lack of career experience did not hold them back from remaining competitive, however, and they should be honored for the valiant effort they put forth in this match. The aforementioned game play of Carlin definitely represented his consideration for Rookie of the Year. Unknown FBA Player and Hal Dufrain (American Alligator, F/C) were in the mix often, forcing some mistakes from Plymouth's best. Despite being down by double-digits in the third quarter, the crowd got back on their feet to applaud a surprise slam dunk by Howie Fraser (Orangutan, F). It was reminiscent of something the Tides haven't had since Lucas Dupre.

By the fourth quarter, the Taproots had pulled away but were struggling to keep the Tides down low. It was not until an unfortunate dropped ball by Carlin - one that hit the back tip of his tail and bounced free - was picked up swiftly by Nina Lime and taken back for a score. This shortened Bangor's chances, but the fate of the Tides was sealed when Kasa Yalenchka (Snow Leopard, G), the starting Point Guard for the Taproots who had been mostly quiet on the night, drilled home the staggering two-point layup in the final minutes. After this score, there was just simply not enough time left for Bangor to win.

The loss puts the Tides in dire straits: they must win the rest of their games to move to the next round. Although this is an unlikely scenario, the energy and vivaciousness of the Tides makes the future of Bangor a very bright one, and I expect they will put forth everything they have (and more) to win Game Four.

- W. Walker, FSPN

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