2018 Team Staff

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2018-2019 Team Staff
Team Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Albany Alphas Bluebane Drakken
Alaska Arctics Gustavo Rainwhisker
Arizona Whips Kresblain JTigerclaw
Baltimore Spirits JWolfman Awaiting Selection from Primary Contact
Bangor Tides Hoomiku FadedForest
Biloxi Voodoo Qovapryi Awaiting Selection from Primary Contact
Dakota Bikers FadedForest Patrick Coyote
Edmonton Totems Beau Sam Gwosdz
Hawaii Kahunas Kingsley Wolfe Harlow
Huntsville Mayors Kyuji Drakken
Las Vegas Wildcards Lizzimba Autumn
Lorain Firestorm MartineauQC Ratiphex
Montana Howlers Patrick Coyote MartineauQC
Pittsburgh Keystones Kinto IllaRouge
Plymouth Taproots MW BigCed
Queens Pride Wolfnumber9 Awaiting Selection from Primary Contact
Santa Ana Spectrums XenosBlade Awaiting Selection from Primary Contact
San Jose Thrust Drakken MW
Seattle Summit JWolfman Beau
Tallahassee Typhoons IllaRouge JTigerclaw
Tennessee Moonshiners Harlow Kovtara
Texas Lone Stars Rourkie Mish
Williamsburg Minutemen Sam Gwosdz Gabriel-Fawkes
Winnipeg Voyageurs Wendingo MartineauQC


Individuals highlighted in orange means this is their Secondary team they are the PC for, i.e. not protected for 3 Seasons.
Individuals highlighted in purple are replacing the holder of said position until he/she decides to return.
Individuals highlighted in green are the changes from last season's staff.
Teams highlighted in light blue have exercised their Amnesty option. This may be reset if a new GM is installed.

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