2020 FBA Season/20.03.05/[email protected]/Capsule

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York was a wall. No matter how many times he tried Connor couldn't find a way past his defenses. York got the rebound, Davids had to match. York made an assist, Connor had to match. No. No matter what, Connor needed to go one step beyond. But this didn't stop York from being a wall. Connor only attempted to get the ball in five times; each one a miss. York started to predict Connor's moves, managing to steal the ball from him each time Connor thought he'd finally found a path to the hoop. After that Connor didn't want to waste any of his attempts and possibly lose the ball again. He waited. He strategized. He got ready.

And then the buzzer rang. The game was over. Seattle lost and Connor managed to get zero points past the eagle.

Connor could be seen getting visibly frustrated throughout the match, and after some time furs could hear his grunts and shoots of anger. After the buzzer rang Connor immediately stormed off to the locker room. His ears were pinned back, his body rigid, and his tail swished about. He locked eyes with York for only a moment before the colt snorted and huffed passed him, bumping his shoulder into Harrison on the way.

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