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Rocky starts happen and that's how it was in the first quarter for the Spectrums. The Huntsville Mayors were able to keep it close until they let Santa Ana go off on a 14-2 tear in the last minutes of the second quarter. Throughout the rest of the night they were trailing and trying to stay in the game, not letting themselves give the Spectrums an edge. It almost payed off in crunch time.

In the fourth, Aditya fouled out and the Mayors used that to their advantage by bringing their 13 point deficit within 3. They forced a turnover making Tyrese throw a bad pass that went sailing to the other end of the court for Devon to chase and get an easy layup to bring them within 1. Still, with only 0:18 left in the game they needed to foul. Sometimes it comes down to which team had the most trips to the free throw line and that was the case for the Santa Ana Spectrums. Sebastian kept his composure, hit one then the other completing their 19th trip. In order for Huntsville to have a chance to win they needed to tie the game so they can do it in OT. Open threes hurt when they don't sink, instead they got a tip-in and the horn sounded. Huntsville 101, Santa Ana 102.

It was a close one for the Spectrums. One they didn't need to be close, especially after losing to Seattle and their recent injury of Kiara Hughes shows there are some holes in their offense without her. Could the game have not gone the way it did if Aditya didn't foul out? Maybe not. The civet looked like he was on his way to another one of his double-doubles before he fouled out. He finished with 24 points, 2 rebounds, 8 assists, and 4 steals.

Benjamin looked like himself -- that being he didn't have a bad nor spectacular performance tonight. Instead, he did what he's always done since college; make timely shots and try to do a little of everything. The bovidae had 10 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists and got himself in the cookie jar with 1 steal. Those tuned in got to hear what he had to say at the end of the game, "Fun game. Scary game, really. We had a decent lead and could've walked away with it. I'm sure coach Freya is gonna show us some film at the end of this to clean up our mistakes. For now, we just gotta take what we got - a win at home to send the fans home happy."

Wise words from a rook.

C. Stemling

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