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An unexpectedly tight matchup going down tonight. The Lone Stars found themselves staring down a reloaded Voyagers team but down but only a single point in the fourth on their home turf in Winnipeg, this game had turned into a real tug o' war and it was about to reach it's conclusion. Ten seconds remaining on the clock with Knight bringing the ball up, Guarded tightly by Timmids. What followed was an utter traffic jam in the paint, a mish-mash of jerseys vying for both offensive and defensive position. It was a mess...

However...one of the Lone Stars saw beyond this confusion. A particular spider, seeing the mess ensuing in the kennel quickly removed herself from that scrap. She stretched ones of her arms and just as it seemed Timmids was about to strip Knight of the ball, Marcus kicked it out to Heitkamp leaving her right in the corner with nobody around...

Two and a half seconds remained as JoJo rose up for the shot, no time to step in closer...or to risk the coverage. Some saw her three point shot as a novelty as best, but not JoJo...She'd made it into a viable part of her game. But as a game sealing shot? Hoo boy was this one going for broke! But hey...she lifted up and fired, the game buzzer going off mid-air! And...Nothing but net! She did the damn thing! The final score 113-111, Lone Stars stealing a tough win on the road! And my goodness, JoJo just jumping for joy as she and Marcus hug it out over that game-winning play.

And to think she was just considered a 2nd round talent in her draft class...seems that LaChance might have just seen something the scouting departments missed...

-Merrick Collins. Beat Writer, Clutch-Time

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