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A very different Evan Cross has been showing up to Arizona Whips games for the past two months. A quieter, harder working Evan Cross that appears to be hyper focused on improving and elevating his own game. Even if it means working himself to the point of exhaustion. After being replaced as the starter Cross began to stay late after practices and games to complete a few extra drills, but since being held scoreless for the first time this season against the Lone Stars on January 17th, Evan’s extra curricular activities have lasted late into the night and, in some cases, extending until well past sunrise. At first teammates believed that he was just determined to regain the starting role from Tino Hazari and that these extra training sessions would slow down, if not completely stop, if and when he managed to become the Whip’s starter again. But with his extra practices continuing even though Cross is back in a starting role, some teammates are a little concerned. After Sunday’s loss to the Voyageur’s, Cross was seemingly so determined to spend extra time in Winnipeg’s Riverside Arena that he had to be forcibly removed by arena security. He was later spotted in the team’s hotel lobby still wearing his game uniform. While players being obsessive about training isn’t totally unheard of, more unsettling was Cross’ behavior during the game. The typically animated and talkative lapin was near silent in his 27 minutes of floor time and his normal, antagonistic and celebratory gestures were limited to receiving high fives from teammates. Perhaps his public run-ins with All-Stars Ash Van Zant and Terry O’Toole and being replaced as a starter, has finally humbled the second year guard. Or perhaps, as he lingers on the court following a loss to the Wildcards shooting jump shots with a hauntingly blank expression, there is something else going on.

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