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“I can't believe I'm really doing this. Is it too soon? No, I thought long and hard about it. And it's already set up with the Seattle. Just focus on the game itself then worry about this afterwards.” The rookie arctic fox was admittedly nervous, but not for the game itself. He was more worried about the plan for after it was done.

Sure, fans knew that Kyler Inari and Skylar LaNocha were dating even though they played on different teams. But they did not know that the relationship stretched back to before the FBA and Draft night. The previous year in college, there was a non league matchup of Cal Poly at North Carolina. That was where the spark started. And even after draft night Kyler did what he could to comfort and help Skylar after she went undrafted. If anything being apart only built their bond up even more.

In the previous team matchups, Summit won in Seattle and Summit also won in Arizona. This third matchup was in Seattle again as the two number 13s walked onto the court, Skylar nonethewiser to what Kyler had planned for later.

It was a pretty close game all the way through that Seattle ended up winning by 6 points. But after both teams had walked off the court, the PA started up, “Before leaving please turn your attention to center court.” Kyler was standing in center court, as Skylar was escorted by the coach towards him.

“Skylar, we both know how much we look forward to these matchups. Ever since we had that game against each other in college we had that spark. That time you stayed with me between Draft and being signed. Those days were amazing, and well...” He got down on one knee and pulled out a small box. “I don't want to lose that feeling with you. I want to be yours and have you be mine. It's for that reason that I am asking for your hand in marriage.”

Skylar seemed to freeze up a bit looking at the ring as the box opened up. From college to the sting of draft night, her short stay in Arizona, signing the deal with Seattle and playing against Kyler...It all seemed to play through her mind like a silent film. She stood in silence as this playback occured in her mind...bringing her right back to this moment in time, Kyler with the ring in hand...

Her voice was slow but steady "Kyler, I...I..." hesitating for a minute. "Of course! Of course i'll give you my hand!" putting said hand out to the arctic wolf. A collective "awwww..." could be heard as Kyler slid the ring on Skylar's finger.

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