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11/6/2021, Ascendant Arena, Flagstaff AZ

Going into the 4th game of the 2021-2022 FBA Season, the Whips were starting to get desperate for a win. They started the season 0-3 whereas the visiting Voyageurs started the season 2-1. Arizona’s Kyler Inari was determined to help his team pick up their first win of the season. Unknown to him though was that the opposing coach was someone familiar to him. Yes he knew that Winnipeg had acquired a new coach in the off season, but he had been too focused on team relations and practice to pay attention to who it was.

As the teams walked into the arena, Kyler managed to see who the opposing coach was and he had to stop himself from having his jaw drop. There on the other team bench was a female otter. This was not any otter though, it was Dahlia Dukes, his old college coach. Kyler after looking for a second regained his composure and started to talk to himself.

“Just remember…” he said to himself, “She is part of the opponents today. I have to stay focused just like any other game”.

Not only did Kyler not get too disturbed by seeing his old college coach, he killed it on the court, scoring a massive 32 points, earning the player of the game honor in a 122-114 win for the Whips.

After the game but off the court, Dahila caught up to Kyler before they went their own ways and said to him. “You really killed it out there Kyler, I can see why Arizona values you so much.”

“That means a lot coming from you. I honestly didn’t realize you made the step up to pro coach, I know they announced you but among all the off season prep and team practices I guess I missed that it was you.”

“Hey don’t feel too bad about it. I’m looking forward to our other meetings this season. You have grown a lot since college as a player.”

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