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Another year, another tense moment between the Thrust's Adam Tevela and the Taproots' Yesina Selas. Thankfully however this moment was rather tame between the two in comparison to a few years ago when actual punches flew between them. During the third quarter with Plymouth in possession of the ball, Selas attempted to shoot from just behind the arc for a three when Tevela suddenly jumped high in the air in front of her, blocking the shot with his huge ringtail with such force that the ball flew onto the fourth row of fans. As the San Jose crowd cheered the move, Selas sent her eternal arch-rival a dirty look with her face, but Tevela simply laughed to taunt her. Thankfully they were otherwise in their best behavior, as they were likely warned by their coaches before the game to not cause any trouble. The biggest worry however came about when Kinny DeMarcus landed awkwardly after a rebound attempt and had to be escorted to the locker room with a bad hand injury. Latest reports state he will be out for two weeks. Christian Ashbury earned POTG awards with 27 pts and 15 assists as the Thrust win this one at home.

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