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"Lorain edges out Spirits in Baltimore, gain serious Momentum"

It was as if the playoffs were already begun this evening at the Charm City Center, as the Lorain Firestorm where coming in to finish their season series with the Baltimore Spirits, as both team were battling furiously for the top of the Central Division.

In one of the most captivating stories of the current season, Lorain, with the help of some suprising moves in the draft and during the offseason, seems to be moving to the next level as they have been at time on top of the division, while the Baltimore Spirits, while still a title contender, seems to have more of less trouble keeping the team from Ohio at Bay.

Having clinched a playoffs berth for the first time since 2020, several journalists report shown that the Firestorm where still working hard to help their seeding, as would they win tonight game, they would lock in the season matchup tie breaker and Baltimore would have no choice but having a better record than Lorain if they want to win the division, and secure HCA for at least one round.

Prior to the start of the game, it seemed to Coach Sabrina Lucifer made significant changes in the starting lineup, moving everyone one spot back and putting Mason Howe at Center. Guess we needed to wait and see if those changes where going to help.

The first half seemed to be the affair of the spirits, As Tia Terra (23 pts , 11 rebs) managed well against Mason Howe (6 pts , 7 rebs) was the star for Baltimore as they led 66-56 at halftime. But at the second half of the game started, it seemed like the Spirit wasent able to shake off the Firestorm, as most of the lineup was pretty equal to one another, With Hendricks facing Toivonen, Edwin Griega taking care of Dunphy and Anika Tonpo making a rare start at SG again Saphira Kelley, which would become a key part of the game result. Eliza Mae Dupont was not so lucky, as she seemed to struggle all game (5 points, 8 assists, 2/12 FG shooting) as Callum Williamson, one of the main surprise acquisition of the offseason for Lorain, had a great night (24 pts, 8 asts, 7/17 3 pointers).

While Baltimore seemed to struggle, many fans in attendance where confident that their home team would prevail at the end. As the game was down to the final minutes of the forth quarter, it was tied 110-110. With Lorain having possesion, Edwin would drive to the basket and knock down a layup on a nice dish for Anika Tonpo. Leading by two. Then on the next possesion with time running out, the Spirit tried to surprise the Firestorm by with a hail mary pass with almost ended up working as Saphira Kelley managed to grab the pass and got fouled by Williamson, earning two important free throws. As the fans hold their breath, Saphira missed her first free throw. Then as both teams where itching to jump to the basket, Saphira shot her second free throw and it unfortunatly made a bad bounce on the top of the rim as it would fly to the right As Griega got his feathered paw on it first and fell down the court as everyone nearly piled onto one another as time expired. For all his efforts tonight, Firestorm captain Edwin Griega earned tonight POTG (15 pts, 9 rebs, 2 asts, 2 stls, 1 blk).

With such a huge victory for Lorain, the race for the central division will most likely go down to the wire.

-Charles Bergeron Montreal Gazelle

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