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Precinct Arena in Lorain, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, is the scene for the final home game of the year for the Lorain Firestorm. Tonight, they host the Tallahassee Typhoons, with a chance to win their first division title since 2013. One would be forgiven to assume that the outcome of this game is a forgone conclusion, with Lorain playoff bound and Tallahassee long eliminated. But Typhoons head coach Hildegard Tetreault dismissed such notions, telling reporters “Every win matters. They can’t take them away from you.” No doubt her counterpart on the Lorain sideline, Sabrina Lucifer, will have stressed to her team the importance of not looking past their opponents, especially with what’s at stake for the Firestorm.
First Quarter
The opening twelve minutes of the game are a tightly contested affair, but also a study in contrasts.

The Typhoons run their offense effectively and methodically. In addition to shooting over 50% (11 for 19) from the field, they spread the scoring around, with Apiatan Redmane, Kevon Oakley and Carson Good each chipping in five points, and four points each from Rosalie Smoot, Dominique Williams, and Rebecca McCloud.

Lorain, on the other hand, are trying to impose their will in the paint. They’re able to overcome a lackluster 5 of 20 shooting performance by drawing fouls and getting to the free throw line. It adds up to 16 free throw attempts (to just six for Tallahassee), 15 of which they convert. It also results in a fair share of early foul trouble for both teams. Four Typhoons starters (Redmane, Adge Martin, Williams and Smoot) each rack up a pair of personal fouls, as do Callum Williamson and Anika Tonpo for the Firestorm.

First Quarter Score: TAL 30, LOR 28
Second Quarter
As the first half resumes, it’s more balanced scoring from Tallahassee. Smoot and Oakley each chip in four more, and Adge Martin gets more involved after a fairly quiet first quarter, with 5 points and 3 rebounds. Dominique Williams is a standout, shooting 3 for 4 from the floor and adding a pair of key blocks.

But the quarter truly belongs to Lorain bigfur Tyrique Kendricks. The giraffe stuffs the proverbial stat sheet, with a line of 8 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks. He also picks up a pair of fouls, as does teammate Anika Tonpo, who is now in serious foul trouble with four on the night. On the other side, Rosalie Smoot also has four fouls. Physical play appears to be a theme tonight. But that isn’t to say there’s no spacing the floor. Edwin Griega adds a pair of three pointers, ending the half with 13 points, shooting 3 for 5 from beyond the arc.

Halftime Score: TAL 54, LOR 53
Third Quarter
The third period is a grind it out affair. Tallahassee’s starters struggle, with none managing more than a couple points. Oakley shoots just 1 for 4, and Williams now has four fouls. Thankfully, a pair off the bench step up to keep them in the game. Dylan Redfield has 8 points and 4 rebounds, and Carson Good hits a pair of threes.

For Lorain, it’s a mixed bag. The Typhoons defense keys in on Kendricks, as he puts up four shots and makes none. Tonpo appears to wary of picking up additional fouls, shooting 2 for 5. But Tallahassee has no answer for Edwin Griega, who only seems to be heating up even more. 11 points and two more threes in the frame gives him 24 points for the game, and he’s now 5 for 7 from three point range. Callum Williamson chips in 7 points to give himself 14 on the night, and the Firestorm lead by three points heading into the fourth quarter.

Third Quarter Score: LOR 81, TAL 78
Fourth Quarter
As the fourth quarter begins, the drama heightens… Tyrique Kendricks limps off the floor, out of the game with an apparent foot injury. It’s a sign of things to come, as the game becomes a battle of attrition. Adge Martin and Anika Tonpo collide rather like a pair of UFFL linemen would, forcing both out of the game, with the hare landing awkwardly on his hip and the fossa being called for her sixth foul. Rosalie Smoot fouls out herself soon after, with massive malamute Mason Lowe taking a charge from the bison. And as the quarter draws to a close, Edwin Griega draws a sixth foul from Dominique Williams, allowing him to hit a pair of free throws to tie the game. With Tallahassee’s remaining starters, Redmane and Oakley, sitting on five and four fouls respectively, the momentum seems to be on the side of the home team… but after forty eight minutes, we’re fit to be tied.

Fourth Quarter Score: LOR 111, TAL 111
Despite an early clutch three, Redmane fouls out only a few minutes into the overtime period. For Tallahassee, that leaves them to turn to Oakley for offense, and the ursine indeed comes up with some needed buckets to respond to the continued scoring barrage of Edwin Griega. The Canada goose entered the OT with 32 points to his name, and the Precinct Arena crowd goes wild whenever he touches the ball… they seem to want to will him to that landmark 40 point plateau. Before he can get the chance, however, Oakley’s own foul trouble at last catches up with him. Despite having all five of their starters out, the Typhoons lead by a single point with a little over three seconds left…

Coyotl inbounds to Griega… Griega dribbles, gets to the top of the key, has to shoot it over Redfield… HE BANKS IT IN!!! AT THE BUZZER!!! 40 POINT GOOSE FOR THE WIN!!! LORAIN TAKES THE CENTRAL DIVISION ON THE WINGS OF GRIEGA!!! HONK YEAH!!!!!


(Write up by BigCed)

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