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A sports or basketball agent is the official representative of a player, whether it be a player currently signed to a team in the FBA or a free agent. An agent may work independently - meaning they are self-employed - or for an agency. Their job is to work with team management (such as the Primary Contact of a team) to sign the players they represent to a team. This includes provisional and standard contracts, contract extensions, endorsements, promotions, and supportive deals. Agents may have clients (players) in multiple different leagues. For example, one agent may have a player in the EFBL and several in the FBA simultaneously.

Just like players, agents and agencies are created by contributors of the FBA and so are fictional. Their characteristics and personalities may not be as restricted as FBA players are (they may be fursonas), but should still relate to the general rules of the FBA universe.

The following is a list of agents in the FBA. They may or may not be open to new clients.

Name Creator Gender / Species Notes
Rudy Aquino T.C.Wildcard33 male American blackbelly ram Sports attorney and brother to Benjamin Aquino, joined TBA Agency in August of 2020 as their sixth agent and first to bring UFFL connections
Fabio Arrivabene Qovapryi male red fox
Nathan Astoni N8Otter male river otter-taur
Murina Beaubonique Pac female black rat National/international athlete representation out of Boston. Harvaardwak Alumn. Pre-law, Masters in Business.
Hubert Bristol Kresblain male red panda Senior partner of sports management and consulting firm Blitzkrieg Entertainment Athletic Group. Represents athletes in the FBA, FLB, FHL and the UFFL.
Gus Buss Wolflis11 male grey wolf Businessman who once was a baseball player for United States. Decided to be agent for players so he could mold these furs into future stars.
Corker Kinto Mythostian male platypus
Finnian Cormac RobbieSox male percheron Former Irish rugby star, o/o of Whitehorse Consulting and Management based out of Maine. Works with players in/from the UK mainly, but does make exceptions. Prefers not to take on rookies, but makes the rare exception.
Roland Dimitriou Gustavo male hydra
Jeff Hunter Stevie Maxwell male coyote retired FBA player, owner of Athletic Talent Hunters based out of Indianapolis
Callum Key RobbieSox male kiko goat New Zealand born private agent based out of the USA. Likes to travel, self-proclaimed talent scout.
Charles Kim MW male Korean magpie (kkachi)
William King dcrest13 male beefalo Known as "Billy Riot," ex-wrestler/gameshow host/movie star and now agent of Ren Inoue
Danjel Kostadinović-Prijić Qovapryi male peregrine falcon Serbian agent, mostly working with ex-Yugoslav players, both in the EFBL and in the FBA.
Sedrick LaTour Raxamaphone male coatimundi Does not represent rookies.
Jacob Smith Stryker Fox male fennec fox Previously independent, Jacob Smith is now employed as an agent for TBA Agency working with agents.
Jared McKinley Nasuella male hedgehog
Lee Adam Morrison Jayni Tigerpaw male raccoon
Duncan Mulloy Haloke male wolverine Chicago business man, focused, no nonsense. Primarily American talent, will work for anyone with the proper paycheck and promise.
Kiki Paruk Akkarri female white jackal Private agent, works with rookies, mostly American talent
Rodger Reichenbach Qovapryi male Eurasian badger father of former college basketball player Isaac Reichenbach, representing Michigan Furry Sports Management, mainly working with Midwest-based prospects.
Iwan Stephenson Qovapryi male Welsh corgi
Shandra Stewart Wolfnumber9 female Hyena Also known as the "Soul Mama" in Jamaca. Used to be a popular singer. Now co-owner of "Soul Records Company" record label. Very loyal, with a party attitude and a loud personality. Hired as a senior agent with TBA Agency in August of 2020.
Susan 'Susie' Thorne TriangleDelta female bulldog Partner at a Las Vegas-based agency. Former competitive boxer with a number of titles to her name. No-nonsense and direct, she demands honesty and from her clients. Known for being willing to take on particularly high-maintenance clients if she knows the payoff will be worth it.
Blake Toivonen Paula Braydi male reindeer Finnish private agent, former EFBL player. Works out of Minneapolis.
Noah Winters Drakken male Manticore Small agency, Website: