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During the course of an FBA season, players may earn recognition by the league for their performance. These minor awards -- Player of the Game, Player of the Week, Player of the Month -- give the league's participants an idea of who is doing well at that particular time. In turn, they are given the opportunity to nominate and even vote for athletes for other potential honors.

All-Star Competitions

Sometime in the middle of the season, the FBA All-Star Break is held, with four major contests that players are invited to participate in: the Dunk Contest, the Three-Point Shootout, the Rookie Challenge, and the All-Star Game. Invitations are based on votes by the league's contributors as to who will participate in which contests. These competitions have no affect on the season's records, and players may decline their invitations if they so choose.

End of Season Awards

At the end of every season, prior to the playoffs, nominations are opened for potential recipients of six league awards. Performance in the post-season playoffs do not contribute to a nominee's eligibility; however, players cannot be in Injured Reserve nor have any league disciplinary action on their record for the season. The league's contributors and fans then cast their votes for each award, with all eligible names listed. The titles of the awards are as follows:

Most Valuable Player

Most Valuable Player: the player who made the most difference to his or her team. This is not necessarily the best player in the league, but specifically the one who contributed the most to his or her team's success. Rookies are not eligible for this award.

Most Improved Player

Most Improved Player: the player that has shown the most improvement in his or her game from previous seasons to the "current" season. As such, rookies cannot win this award. Restricted free agents picked up for the "current" season are only eligible if they have prior playing experience with an FBA team.

Defensive Player of the Year

Defensive Player of the Year: the player who has demonstrated the greatest defensive contribution to his or her team during the season. A minimum requirement must be met in order to qualify for this award. Rookies are not eligible for this award.†

Sixth Fur of the Year

Sixth Fur of the Year: the player who made the most significant contribution to his or her time while spending the majority of the season coming off the bench. All active non-rookie players who have played in at least half of the season are eligible for this award, provided they have started in less than half of their games played during the season.

Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year: much like the Most Valuable Player award above, this award is geared towards the rookie that has contributed the most to his or her team this year. A rookie must have played in at least one-half of the games in the regular season.

Team Staff Award

Previously known as Coach of the Year, the team (coach) that has done the best work in building a strong team out of his or her players. Only teams who have been managed by the same person/people for at least half of the season are eligible for this award.

Previous Recipients

The recipients of the six awards from 2010 onward have been included below. For years prior, follow the individual award links above for a comprehensive list of winners.














Finals MVP

One special award is given at the end of the post-season playoffs, traditionally to the player on the championship team who made the biggest impact during the games of the FBA Finals. A complete list of Finals MVP award recipients can be seen listed below, starting from the most recent.