Blake Toivonen

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Full Name Blake Aleksi Toivonen
Species Finnish Forest Reindeer
Age 42
Nationality Finnish
Agency Private
Residence Minneapolis, MN, USA
Playing Career
Career Span 1990-2004
Teams London Jets, Helsinki Norsemen (EFBL)
Championships 1
Contact Info
Twitter @OldMightyFinn
Creator Paul Shep

Blake Aleksi Toivonen is a private agent, entering the FBA market in 2014. Previously, he has worked for players in the EFBL. He's a former EFBL player himself, having spent most of his career with the London Jets and Helsinki Norsemen.


Blake is the second oldest son of Veera and Anton Toivonen, born in Lapland, Finland. His pursuit for a career in basketball began in middle school, as he signed up for an organized basketball league and was absorbed into the game right away. He had played in school beforehand, but it's the organized league that gave him the next step to develop. Soon enough, he found himself attending college in Helsinki and playing his heart out, dominating the Finnish college league, before being offered a scholarship to the Royal London Ungulate Institute for his sophomore year. From then on, he studied business administration and played for two years in college. At the end of his third year, he entered the EFBL Draft in 1990 and was selected by the London Jets.

His career turned out to be fulfilling despite not having a collection of trophies on his shelf. He won one championship with London alongside current FBA player Ambrose Slade (Eurasian Lynx), along with some individual awards, like one Defensive Player of the Year award and two league MVP trophies, both with London. Blake spent most of his EFBL career with the London Jets, then being traded twice in four years, including going to Rome and Zagreb, Croatia, then finishing his last 3 years back home in Helsinki.

During his career, Toivonen tried out for the FBA quite a few times, even being considered for the 1993 FBA Draft. But with constant knee problems and being prone to leg injury, he would not be able to make it, despite having had successful tryouts with the Mayors and Taproots. He would go on to wear knee braces, helping him to an extend. Injuries in his career include knee over extension, a broken fibula and ACL complications.

After his playing career, Blake decided to take on sports agency. After two years of completing his bachelor's degree in sports management, he went on to represent his first clients, all within the EFBL, gaining experience and traveling on occasion across Europe once more. In 2014, Blake gets his chance to expand into the FBA market, taking on several talents from the 2014 Draft class, including Jake Turner, Seba Kosciusko and Aditya Anggun.

Personal Life

Blake Toivonen lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, together with his son Erik, who is attending Bedrock University in the Twin Cities. He is an ex-husband to Mila Ranta, Erik's mother, who divorced in 2005 after constant fights following Blake's business trips.