Dylan Redfield

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Dylan Redfield
(Red Deer, F)
ID# 186
Dylan Redfield.png
Illustrated by Pac
No. 15 – Dakota Bikers
Position Forward
Species Red Deer ( Cervidae )
Gender Male
Big Red
Personal information
Born Stratford, CT
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
Listed weight 250 lb (113 kg)
Shoots Left
Career information
High school Stratford High School
College University of Pittsburgh
FBA draft 2012 / Round: 1 / Pick: 22nd overall
Selected by the Dakota Bikers
Pro playing career 2012–present
Career history
2012-2019 Dakota Bikers
2019-2020 Huntsville Mayors
2020-2022 Tallahassee Typhoons
2022-present Dakota Bikers
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2022
2023 Salary $7 million
2024 Salary $7 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Sedrick LaTour
(OOC) Creator Wendingo
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Dylan Redfield is a professional basketball player who plays for the Tallahassee Typhoons. Dylan was selected in the first round of the 2012 FBA Draft as the 22th overall pick. Dylan is a former All-Pro FCAA Football Quarterback until he changed sports due to a late-life growth spurt. Dylan is a 2-time All-Star and 2013 FBA World Champion. Dylan is known best for his infamous attack on Shane Rufus and his efforts at redemption in the FBA.

Dylan has a brother, Aspen Redfield, who is a starting Quarterback in the UFFL and was 2014-15's Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player.

High School

A multi-sport athlete, Dylan became the first Connecticut student to earn All-American awards in Football, Basketball, and Track and Field. While talented in basketball and baseball, Scouts were initially attracted to the young buck through his skills and command on the gridiron. Known as a natural leader with an accurate arm, Dylan earned a place as an ‘Elite 11’ quarterback and a consensus five-star recruit. Despite being courted by several teams, Dylan chose to college at the University of Pittsburgh as the school offered him the capability to compete in both their football and basketball programs.

Dylan ultimately selected University of Pittsburgh over more traditional college powers because they offered him the opportunity to continue playing basketball during his the football off season. The young buck would continue to play football as his primary sport, while moonlighting for the basketball team during the off season


Dylan proved to be a breakout player for the University of Pittsburgh by his Sophomore year- helping to spark the diversified offense with his dynamic play and inspiring athletic IQ. The buck lead his team to a mid-tier bowl game and earned second team all-conference honors.With a year under his belt, the junior buck capped off a team-record setting season, being named Conference Offensive Player of the Year and was an All-American team selection choice. Dylan led Pittsburgh to a 12-0 season and the national title game. But ultimately failed when the deer suffered a mild ACL strain in the third quarter and was forced to the sidelines. Without their star player, Pitt squandered their lead and lost the game.

While the wounds fully healed, Pitt’s coach left for the UFFL. With a new head coach on board wanting to make his mark, Dylan was push aside for a younger recruit better fitting the new offensive style.

With the football season over and his dream of attending the UFFL crushed. Dylan turned his senior year to basketball. (wip)

Professional Career

2011-2012 Season


Dylan was drafted 22nd overall by the Dakota Bikers in the 2012 FBA Draft. While the buck was considered an 'On the Cusp' player by many scouts, a good showing at the combine and a strong team interview caught the eye of Dakota Bikers GM Vicki Turner. Within weeks, the young deer began to make an impact as a strong sixth man and earned a reputation as a hard, driven worker by team captain Ryan Malone and fellow teammate Mitchell Redding. The deer's work ethic and happy demeanor soon made him a local fan favorite. The deer was heavily featured in the Bikers seasonal Christmas Card.

It wasn't until the FBA Rookie Challenge game where the young buck broke out, capping a 20 point game and earning player of the game honors. Returning from the series the Mitchell took the starting role from long-time Bikers Forward Terrell Vora.

Many considered the deer on his way towards a Rookie of the Year award till a faithful may night in Montana changed everything…

Incident at Howlers Stadium

In the 2011-2012 season, Shane Rufus began seeing Reddawn Fenwatcher, much to the degrin of fellow teammate Dylan Redfield, one rumored to be smitten with the red panda. On April 21st, 2013 After a hard block by Shane to Reddawn, Dylan became erate and tackled Shane, injuring him. This attack was known as the Incident at Howlers Stadium


Dylan Redfield was given a 40 game suspension, but ultimately served only 20 games with good behavior, forfeiture of his in-season salary and covering all of Shane Rufus' medical bills. This left the buck's return for the second round of the Dakota Biker's playoff games against their arch rival the [Winnipeg voyagers]. Here the buck was heavily boo'd until Zoie Wilds took to the microphone and asked the crowd for respect.

The Bikers went done 3-1 in this series, and ultimately made the improbable comeback due in part to the buck's drive.

2013-2014 Season

Dylan returned to this season with a strong start. Earning his second all-star bid and leading the team in double-doubles.

2014-2015 Season

Dylan Redfield signed a 3 year 71 million dollar contract to stay with the Bikers after a controversial 'Deercision' offseason. Dylan came out strong, sticking to playing ball and staying out of trouble. However after wearing a controversial shirt in protest of the FBA's new social media policies, the buck was banned from that year's all-star game and, once again, any post season awards. Dylan led his team to a fifth round playoff seed. And while the team lost it's division lead to Texas on the final game of the season, the Bikers' returned the favor, and knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. Going into the second round the Bikers found themselves outmatched by the Santa Ana Spectrums, taking the series in 5 games before moving on to their eventual world title.

2015-2016 Season

Due to the FBA strike, Dylan took advantage of the CBA's player non-compete laws being put on hold and tried out for the UFFL. Joining the local Fargo Axeman, Dylan made the practice squad and due to a combination of key injuries, was able to make it to the 80 man full roster. The deer made his professional UFFL debut against the Abilene Lancers the buck went for 134 yards off 4 catches, including a 51 yard bomb for the deer's first UFFL touchdown.

On December 28th, Dylan Redfield returned to play for Fargo against his brother's team - the Baltimore Ponies. This was in direct violation to the FBA's CBA and his punishment is pending.

Fargo ended up winning the game on a last second touchdown pass.

File:FSPN FAR-BAL Recap (R).mp3

Personal Life

Dylan has a younger brother, Aspen Redfield, who is a MVP winning QB in the UFFL and a sister, Cassy, who has 2 'Frozen' obsessed nieces who Dylan is often asked to watch.

Dylan has been spotted hanging out with Inga Hertegurd, however the two have responded to being 'just friends', despite FMZ reports otherwise.

Dylan has an Aunt who has made a name for herself in the New York Social scene as a performance artist - Lady Redfield - A woman who dresses in Victorian garb with the help of her househand Badger. Dylan and Aspen's fame has only added to her notoriety.