Edwin Griega

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Edwin Griega
(Canada Goose, F)
ID# 724
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No. 52 – Lorain Firestorm
Position Forward
Species Canada Goose ( Anatidae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born (1993-08-03) August 3, 1993 (age 29)
Toronto, ON
Nationality Canadian
Listed height 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
Listed weight 247 lb (112 kg)
Shoots Left
Career information
School Avian University of Hamilton
FBA draft 2014 / Round: 1 / Pick: 15th overall
Selected by the Lorain Firestorm
Pro playing career 2014–present
Career history
2014-2015 Lorain Firestorm
2015-2016 Retired
2016-present Lorain Firestorm
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2017
2023 Salary $14 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unrepresented
(OOC) Creator Ratiphex
(OOC) Actor Ratiphex
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use
Twitter Handle @egriega25

Edwin Paul Griega [gree-guh] is a forward who currently plays and serves as team captain for the Lorain Firestorm.


To understand how Edwin got here, you must first understand where he came from. He is the son of Paul Griega, who played small forward for the Tucson Demons (Now the Hawai'i Kahunas) from 1979-1984, before an off-court injury (hit by a car one night after a game, breaking his hip and femur) put the cap on his career.

Dejected, Paul went back home to just outside Toronto, Ontario. He eventually began to play the game again, albeit in a casual capacity. It was during this time that he met and fell in love with his future (now ex-)wife Georgette, who played on her university's basketball team, but never harbored intentions of going pro. The pair bonded over late games of horse, or pig, or whatever shooting contest games one can think of in the city park.

Their first child was Jodie, who went on to play like her mother in the Avian University of Hamilton's team, but preferred basketball only as a hobby, taking a career as an accountant upon graduation. Their second and last child, Edwin, born August 3, 1993, was groomed from a young age to enjoy the game. To their own credit, they never made basketball the sole focus of Edwin's life, stressing education first, so he got decent marks in school, and played the game casually.

In high school, he played Point Guard, puberty not having yet put him past the height limit for the position, and shared the spotlight with Frank Malone, a bull who played center, and together, the two were an unstoppable force. After high school, the duo went their separate ways; Frank to Ontario Culinary Academy, who has no basketball program, the bovine doing this on purpose to spite his overreaching parents, and Edwin getting a full scholarship to the school his mother and sister attended, AUH, with the hopes that he could help breathe some life into their at-the-time struggling basketball program.

His freshman year, Edwin sat in the deep reserves, coming in to clean up and play out the half for the older and more experienced players. The young goose showed that his place was definitely on the court, helping first to close gaps in games that were considered runaways, with AUH on the losing side; they still lost, but by a much slimmer margin. Three games in, and Edwin was moved up to relieve players earlier in the game, starting the second half. Slowly, but surely, those narrow losses became narrow wins thanks to his accuracy at making shots, or getting the ball where it needed to be. By the end of his first season, he had obtained his first college double-double, on points and assists.

But the taste of the ultimate victory seemed to slip away. The AUH Wings missed qualifying for the CFIS tournament by four wins his freshman year. They made it to the dance but were eliminated in the first round his sophomore year, by which the goose was starting nearly every game, having switched to the Power Forward position, and earning resentment from the junior and senior players. His junior year saw the team lose on a buzzer-beater in the last regular game of the year, keeping them from the bottom spot of the postseason. It's been said that their lack of playoff berths are not because AUH has a bad program, or is full of bad players; it's that to be in the same division as legendary schools like Thunder Bay Predator College and Guelph Herbivore University - schools with long established and powerful programs - it takes a great deal of effort to even reach the bottom playoff rung.

While realizing the odds are against him with three games to go, and knowing that to make it into the playoffs this year that AUH will have to win every remaining game, while GHU would have to drop their final two, the odds have recently turned more in their favor, given the recent late-game injury of GHU's George Asmund, the junior porcupine that the press has spoken of as a possible contender for next year's draft. This news has lit a figurative fire under the goose's tailfeathers, and he's taken to pushing his teammates in practice, spending hours after classes and homework to work on his own jumpshots and rebounds. The hard work paid off as they managed to secure the bottom spot in the CFIS tournament, besting GHU by ten points in the final game which decided which team went on to the CFIS tournament to face other teams in Toronto over a period of ten days.

During the 2014 CFIS finals, held in Toronto, Edwin helped push his team to a 103-97 victory against Saskatchewan University of Agriculture in the first round, and picked up a double-double in the second round against Oshawa Institute of Technology (whose team contained another draft candidate, Kevin Malka) in AUH's 88-74 rout of that team. Their quest for the championship trophy came to an end in a postponed Finals against Heritage River Riparian College and fellow draftees Wesley Lachs and Ahti Nereus, with BC-based HRR beating the Ontario-based AUH by one point in an overtime match.

Another boon to the avian's self-esteem came in an article published in the American Blog "Furry College Sports Update" days after his name had been submitted for the draft, placing him at #7 on their list of "10 College Athletes to Watch This Month." Marvin DelGrande writes, "...with his aggressive defense and rebounding abilities in playing his primary role of the four, as well as his flexibility in seamlessly assuming the role of Point Forward when needed, Griega is both cog and grease in a fine-tuned basketball machine whose prowess is only overshadowed by their company in the Ontario Division of the CFIS. Griega excels by racking up impressive longballs from the three for someone of his height, as well as ensuring rebounds of missed shots. If the rumors of an impending quest for the big time ring true, any team that picks him up will get a shot in the arm from a player whose concern is less about showboating on the court and more about getting the ball in the right set of paws, and ultimately, in the net."

One Flap

Edwin does not use the 'one flap' option provided by the FBA to avians. This is due to the feathers and cartilage on his arms being insufficient to generate any type of lift for his body.

Top 24

Edwin was among the prospects selected for the top 24 after the May combine and was invited to play in the August Combine Challenge. The Combine Challenge took place on August 17, 2014. After the event, Edwin was ranked #10 overall.

2014 Draft

Lorain selected Edwin in the first round with the 15th overall pick.


Citing health concerns after sustaining an injury late in his rookie year, Edwin announced his retirement from the league shortly into the post-season.


After undergoing experimental treatments for tinnitus which occurred as a result of that injury, Edwin reapplied for reinstatement for the 2016-2017 season. After clearing the league's required physical, he was put into limited free agency, signing a 1-year contract with Lorain. He announced that, after his father was left severely disabled after a car crash, he would play this season with his father's jersey number, 52, which he still uses to this day.

He was given the award for Most Improved Player at the end of the 2017-2018 season. For the 2018-2019 season, following the departure of Leonardo De Hugo, Edwin was appointed team captain of the Firestorm.