Elisa Lawless

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Elisa Lawless
(Ocelot, G)
ID# 192
FBA Pac Portraits 2018 Elisa.jpg
Artwork by Lizzimba
No. 5 – Free Agent
Position Guard
Species Ocelot ( Felidae )
Gender Female
Judge and Jury
Personal information
Born Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Listed height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Listed weight 144 lb (65 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
School Pajaro Fuego Madrid, Spain
FBA draft 2013 / Undrafted
Pro playing career 2013–present
Career history
2013-2017 Dakota Bikers
2017-2020 Pittsburgh Keystones
2020-present Queens Pride
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2020
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator lizzimba
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use



Elisa's life has been steeped in tragedy, not that you'd know it. She doesn't let people get involved with her too deeply so you'd never know that her parents were shot dead at an early age by a cruel gangster who decided to play Russian Roulette with three bullets. The hitman decided to shoot only three of the five family members for a failed payment by her parents. She remembers little about the ins and outs, the whys and the whos - but she remembered the bullets rupturing through both her parents, a cold click saving her aunt and maid, a click saving her as well - and the words that followed 'You've been given life, so make something of yourself kid' - before the gangster clasped his eyes shut and fired the final bullet into his own skull. This is the darkness that lives within this determined wanderer.

Fostered by an incapable parent in her aunt, Lawless started to fall into bad times in the Spanish capital, falling into the wrong crowds and hustling in basketball and roller derby races to find not only money to use - but find herself as well. This has driven an extravagent style both skin deep and in her attitude to life, and her extremely flamboyant style on the court - tricks on the ball a neccessity to maintain her assertiveness on the court.

Accidentally charged for drug offences when used as a drug mule, she spent two years inside jail before being released on conditional bail. The chance to concentrate the mind on her fitness with little else to do, as well as menial basketball facilities to not only cut her teeth on, but allow her to exert her dominance on the inside. The result is something of an animal, a girl with made of much stronger stuff, both mentally and physically then most of her peers can hope to be.

Her recruitment by the Madrid 'Pajaro Fuego' academy was contraversial, but Huge Texeira, the coach who has taken so many risks on talent that others wouldn't touched saw something irresistable in the outspoken ocelot whilst passing the wrong side of the tracks.

She may have carved herself a reputation as a bit of a bitch, but thats nature vs nurture for you. The fact of the matter is shes an astonishing physical female specimen as a result - flexible as elastic - and the world of the FBA can't possibly faze her after all the back alley pool table hustling and the roller derby ruckuses - the FBA is easy money for a punk isn't it?

2013 Draft

Lawless entered the 2013 FBA Draft but was not selected and slipped into restricted free agency. She was later offered a league minimum contract to join the San Jose Thrust.

Because of a violation of the Atwood Rule, the San Jose Thrust were forced to trade her away before the beginning of the 2013-2014 season. She was sent to the Dakota Bikers in exchange for former Thrust player Susan Kruegar (Raccoon, F/C).

Elisa on the Bikers

Elisa's time at the Bikers could be described as being solid but unspectacular, although the ocelot has carved out a bench role for herself in a Bikers ear that is similarly solid if unspectacular. During her time she has been very critical of the 'jock culture' at the franchise which has won her few fans, but Lawless will not be swayed on the topic. Another strong female joined the team in Catherine DeMille, and the two struck up a friendship of sorts. However, the cockatoos obtuse behaviour often froze the ocelot out, and as such Elisa has never truly felt welcome in Dakota despite her best, and reasonably restrained efforts.

She revealed after her first season that none of the money she had learnt was being kept, as she owed a large sum to a Spanish cartel. She later described the payoff as 'the start of the rest of my life.' Full details of the affair have never come to life.

Another incident involving Elisa's criticism over the lack of females being given a chance in top franchises was received with scorn by many on Twitter and the later meltdown in a backwater drinking hole of the ocelot crying publicly was splashed all over FMZ. The incident only further demonstrated her outcast status. Despite this her form did improve on the court, the cat's ironclad determination at least still unaffected there. She has continued to campaign for female representation in the league and was especially vocal when the Santa Ana Spectrums managed to win the title without a single female player. Elisa campaigned for an Atwood style rule for gender to no avail.

World Jam

Prior to World Jam, Spain were chosen as a contraversial seed for the tournament. Many complained that other teams were far stronger, but the commissioner James Dynninsisted they could only go on the calibre of the countries themselves, as there was no prior international basketball to base rankings on. Eventually, World Jam officials relented, and gave Russia the seed instead, dropping Spain into pre-tournament qualification. Around this time, the fans selected Elisa Lawless to be captain, which proved to be a shock to the ocelot. Working alongside fellow Pajaro Fuego graduate Diego Imperio and Balthasar y Torrealba Toboso, not only did Spain qualify for the tournament - they proceeded to pull off two huge upsets to reach the Grand Final of the inaugrual World Jam tournament, first seeing off group seeds Germany, and then later even more shockingly winning against a Shane Rufus-led USA in the semi-finals. Despite the defeat to Great Britain in the final, the tournament represents the highlight of Lawless's career thus far.


After a seemingly unhappy time at Dakota, Elisa was finally offered an escape to the Pittsburgh Keystones which she accepted with some delight. She has continued her solid bench presence and has clashed far less with players at her new franchise.