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The Furry Basketball Association (FBA) is a fictional/fantasy basketball league consisting of furry participants. It was initially organized by Mitchell Redding in 2009, and it has developed a fictional history which dates the beginning of the league back to 1961.

On March 13, 2011, the FBA was announced as a finalist in the Best Game category for the Ursa Major Awards.


Every FBA season begins with the Howlereen Invitational, the league's customary first pre-season match. Howlereen is always played on October 31st in Montana against an invited opponent, usually the defending league champions.

The first Howlereen Invitational was played in 1968 in the inaugural year of the Montana Howlers. Being the first expansion team of the league, the introduction of the Howlers franchise unbalanced the conferences by putting 4 teams in the Western Conference with 3 teams in the Eastern Conference. As an effort by team management to ease tensions in the league over the unbalance, the Howlers held the league's first ever pre-season match on October 31st, 1968. The event was such a success, the Howlers held a pre-season match on Halloween every year, until it's become the FBA tradition it is today.

In 2014 under new Commissioner Stefan Calico, the Howlereen Invitational switched to be come the league's first regular season match.


The FBA currently consists of 24 extant teams. 22 are from the United States and 2 from Canada.

Western Conference

Pacific Rim Division

Mountain Division

Plains Division

Eastern Conference

Northern Division

Central Division

Southern Division

Historical Teams

  • St. Paul Mayors (founded in 1961, moved to Huntsville in 1983)
  • Hamilton Mariners (founded in 1920 as part of the Great Lakes Basketball League, joined the FBA in 1979, moved to Albany and renamed to Alphas in 1994)
  • El Paso Whips (founded in 1983, moved to Santa Fe in 2004)
  • Santa Cruz Clefs (founded in 1961, moved to Kansas City in 2009)
  • Tucson Demons (founded in 1961, moved to Galveston and renamed to Sand Dollars in 2009)
  • Springfield Fusion (founded in 1995, moved to Pittsburgh and renamed to Keystones in 2010)
  • Rocky Mountain Royals (founded in 1974 as a semi-professional team named the Rocky Mountain House Royals, dropped the "House" part upon joining the FBA in 1979, sent to FBA D-League in 2011)
  • Bradford Bantams (founded in 2006, moved to Bangor and renamed to Tides in 2011)
  • Idaho Mounties (founded in 2006, moved to Las Vegas and renamed to Wildcards in 2012)
  • Biloxi Mudpuppies (founded in 1961, renamed to Voodoo in 2012)
  • Des Moines Blanks (founded in 1983, moved to Edmonton and renamed to Totems in 2012)
  • Stanislaus Thrust (founded in 1994, moved to San Jose in 2012)
  • Galveston Sand Dollars (moved to Hawaii and renamed to Kahunas in 2013)
  • Kansas City Clefs (moved to Texas and renamed to Lone Stars in 2013)
  • Spokane Rapids (moved to Seattle and renamed to Summit in 2014)
  • Santa Fe Whips (moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2015)
  • Newark Pride (moved to Queens, New York in 2015)

Retconned Teams

  • Bangor Bantams (Original name of the Bangor franchise in 2011, retconned to Bangor Tides for easier documentation)
  • Rocky Mountain Rabble (Rename of the Royals in 2004, retconned out for storyline purposes)


1961-1962: St. Paul Mayors

1962-1963: Plymouth Taproots

1963-1964: Santa Cruz Clefs

1964-1965: Plymouth Taproots

1965-1966: Tucson Demons

1966-1967: Biloxi Mudpuppies

1967-1968: St. Paul Mayors

1968-1969: St. Paul Mayors

1969-1970: Santa Cruz Clefs

1970-1971: Biloxi Mudpuppies

1971-1972: Plymouth Taproots

1972-1973: Montana Howlers

1973-1974: Tucson Demons

1974-1975: Tucson Demons

1975-1976: Montana Howlers

1976-1977: Montana Howlers

1977-1978: Montana Howlers

1978-1979: Baltimore Spirits

1979-1980: Tucson Demons

1980-1981: Montana Howlers

1981-1982: Montana Howlers

1982-1983: Baltimore Spirits

1983-1984: Baltimore Spirits

1984-1985: Montana Howlers

1985-1986: Tucson Demons

1986-1987: Plymouth Taproots

1987-1988: Montana Howlers

1988-1989: Montana Howlers

1989-1990: Plymouth Taproots

1990-1991: Biloxi Mudpuppies

1991-1992: Lorain Firestorm

1992-1993: Dakota Bikers

1993-1994: Santa Cruz Clefs

1994-1995: Dakota Bikers

1995-1996: Huntsville Mayors

1996-1997: Huntsville Mayors

1997-1998: Huntsville Mayors

1998-1999: Huntsville Mayors

1999-2000: Huntsville Mayors

2000-2001: Newark Pride

2001-2002: Lorain Firestorm

2002-2003: Williamsburg Minutemen

2003-2004: Dakota Bikers

2004-2005: Albany Alphas

2005-2006: Santa Fe Whips

2006-2007: Newark Pride

2007-2008: Dakota Bikers

2008-2009: Huntsville Mayors

2009-2010: Dakota Bikers

2010-2011: Stanislaus Thrust

2011-2012: Williamsburg Minutemen

2012-2013: Dakota Bikers

2013-2014: Tennessee Moonshiners

2014-2015: Santa Ana Spectrums

2015-2016: Albany Alphas

2016-2017: Tallahassee Typhoons

2017-2018: Dakota Bikers

2018-2019: Bangor Tides

2019-2020: Plymouth Taproots

2020-2021: Biloxi Voodoo

2021-2022: Winnipeg Voyageurs

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