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The Injury

After Graduating with a 2.9 gpa, Hector got accepted by Phoenix University of Sports where he played Small Forward through his freshmen and sophomore year. He was planning on submitting his name for consideration for the FBA draft during his junior year. They played a home game against Everglade University. Hector went for a jump shot only to be knocked on his tail by a monster Rhino. The rhino "not knowing" Hector was under him still, Stepped on his leg causing it to break in two places. the rhino got off balance and landed on his other leg causing a less severe fracture.

Recovery - New Ownership

Laid up in the Hospital and very bitter about the fact he might not play Basketball, Hector began taking online courses in management. A few years later after discovering he wouldn't be able to play basketball like he used to, the Rat became the owner of the Kansas City Clefs through a strange bit of fate and luck.

Road to Texas

After spending a year watching sloppy management and poor coaching behind the scene's Hector decided Change must happen now. His First move was to fire everyone from management down to Coaches. He assigned himself as General Manager and hired new coaching staff. He later found an interesting investor down in Austin Texas who wanted a team in the City. So the move was set, and The Texas Lone Stars were born.

Promoting the Team at the Dakota Bikers Summer League

With the new jersey's, the new team set, Hector went up to Sturgis and set up a booth at the Summer league to promote the new team, and to check out some of the draft rookies who were there. While there on his first day he decided to play some one on one games with a few rookies and had fun. He even got involved with a pre-summer league game with the legend from Plymouth and Dakota Bikers General Manager, Vicki Turner, Which he lost honorably.

2013-2014 Draft and Hard Choices

With the 2013-2014 Draft coming up soon after the DBSL, Hector began to evaluate his choices. It was rather Simple but risky. for his first pick Chose Travis Buckner because he had already gotten along well with other players on the team like Charles Burgh, and the newly acquired Kinny Demarcus. His second pick was rather dicey, instead of picking a top 24 pic for TXS #12 draft pick, he reached deep into the draft pool to pick Mariam V. Walstein . Not because of her size, but because they earned each other respect And The rat Saw what the Cape Buffalo was capable of during the summer league game.

The hard Choice Came after the Draft When Hector made the executive decision to buy out Reggie Coale in order to make room for Marcus Knight. While he didn't regret the decision, He hopes he'd never have to do that again.

With the team

Although he is the General Manager and has responsibilities and expectations, Hector will often step out of his role as GM and join the team for practices to help with drills and offer advice to his players.


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