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Welcome to the the Furry Basketball Association!

The Furry Basketball Association is a group project and shared universe which manifests itself across written, visual, and community media to tell stories about the lives of professional basketball players in a furry universe. This page is a quick guide to getting started in the FBA, and how you can join in on the action.

This wiki is the gateway and community hub for the FBA. The main page contains the most recent stories and artwork that has been updated, as well as recent announcements and other important information. The sidebar contains links to our Forum, Chat Room, and other league information pertaining to recent games, contract offers, transactions, injuries and various other aspects of the league.

About the FBA

What is the FBA?

The Furry Basketball Association is a community-driven fantasy sports league. Unlike other fantasy leagues, the FBA does not follow the lives of real-world sports personalities, but instead uses its own original teams and players in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals. Each year, the teams are assigned a General Manager, who is in charge of hiring new players and trading current players, while the day-to-day rosters for each individual game are set by the Head Coach. The whole project is overlooked by a Commissioner, who rolls the results of each individual game, and a 5-person Committee to oversee the administrative tasks for the organization.

While most fantasy leagues exclusively focus on statistics and game results, the FBA places significant emphasis on storytelling and developing the FBA Universe, the world inside which the FBA exists. A customized game engine is used to calculate the results of regularly scheduled matches, but contributors are encouraged to develop their original characters throughout the season. This can be through written stories, artwork, audio recordings, Twitter accounts, or any other media. In this way, FBA contributors work to develop not only the players, but all the characters and institutions that exist within the FBA Universe.

Ultimately, the FBA is a creative project meant to inspire. By providing a regular, expected structure of an annual game schedule and regular box scores, contributors from all over the furry fandom are invited to help the project grow. The FBA and its Universe is the result of all the hard work and creative input of countless individuals, and it continues to grow through the limitless creativity it inspires.

For information about the structure of the FBA and information about its teams, click here.

FBA History

The FBA was born from a character idea by Carrizo. Designed as a professional basketball player, they required a league for his character to play in. Originally, this FBA was only partially developed, just enough for art commissions, some podcasts and a few stories, but its most important development was that it introduced the concept of a sports league of furry athletes.

In the Summer of 2009, interest in the FBA project had grown so much that it was opened up as a public project which took team ideas and character creations to anyone who was willing to contribute. Within a couple days, the FBA had a full set of 24 teams each with a 12 player roster for each club.

The first official player draft was held on November 1st, 2009. This community event began an annual tradition in the FBA for how new players would be brought into the league. Contributors submitted character ideas to the draft pool, and on draft night, the general managers made their selections on who would be on their teams. Since then, the FBA has continued to hold annual drafts every off-season.

In March 2014, the FBA saw its first major change in management structure. Previously the project had been largely spearheaded by Carrizo. Announcing that he would step down as commissioner at the end of the season. The FBA Committee would be created as a 5-person organization tasked with managing the canon of the FBA and with authority to override decisions by the new Commissioner. This new management has remained in place ever since.

League and Player Restrictions

The FBA Universe is a purely furry world. Based on the contemporary modern world and using the same globe as the Earth, the "furries" of the FBA Universe are extremely diverse. While the majority of furries are bipedal and approximately the size of modern humans, there are some furries that are non-morphic, some that are massively sized (often called "macros" - around ~10'), some that have more than two legs (often called "taurs"), and many others. And while they all share the same planet, the FBA has a specific, in-canon set of rules restricting who can play on their courts in order to promote an atmosphere of fairness and sportsmanship.

  • Players cannot be any taller than 7' 6".
  • Players cannot have more than two legs, two arms and one tail. (The Five Limb Rule)
  • Players cannot be heavier than 350 pounds.
  • Players cannot be poisonous in any way that cannot be covered or controlled. (No poison dart frogs, but venomous snakes are okay.)

These rules are exclusively for the FBA’s players. Personnel and other individuals in the Universe do not have to follow these restrictions.

For more information about the FBA Universe, click here.

In-world history of the FBA

Within the FBA Universe, the FBA was founded in 1961 by Thomas Atwood, a lynx millionaire playboy deeply inspired by the prey civil rights movements of the early 60's. His vision of an all-species, all-gender sports league was mocked by many in his day, but he pressed on, holding the first match in October of that year in a league of only six teams.

Over 50 years later, the FBA has grown to 24 teams and into a world-class league. It is now the highest regarded basketball league in the FBA Universe with the finest athletes from around the world coming to play on its courts.

Halley Summers is the FBA equivalent of Michael Jordan. He is regarded as the best athlete the FBA has ever had. Since his retirement in 2000, many FBA legends have been made and gone, and many great players still on the court today.

How to get started

You can get started right now! Submissions for the 2017-2018 Season are underway! Fill out the Draft Submission form before the August 6th deadline.

However, having a player in the league is only one of the many ways to contribute to the FBA. Some of the other ways people have contributed to the FBA are:

  • Taking over a current, undeveloped player and make it your own.
  • Creating an FBA reporter and writing about games and events that are happening around the league.
  • Joining a team as an assistant coach or assistant General Manager.
  • Creating any character within the FBA Universe that will develop the league. These can include team staff or personnel, relatives or friends of already created players, sales representatives for products, coaches (or other staff) for the various colleges that exist within the FBA Universe, or anyone else you can think of who might help to support the creative process.

The most important thing is that the FBA is meant to be an inspiration point for the creative process. While there are specific schedules involved in putting new players in the league or assigning general managers, anyone and everyone is invited to build on to what's here through whatever means they feel inspired to use. We've had artists, writers, podcasters, web designers, programmers, all kinds of people with all kinds of talents find ways to support and build up what we have. To be fair, there are ways to add on to the FBA that haven't even been touched yet, and we invite everyone to discover and explore those talents.

Contributor Resources

Some helpful resources are listed below to start you on your way:


New Contributor Guide

Furry Basketball Association

FBA Universe

Draft Candidate Resource

Collaborating with Other Members

Many of our contributors like to collaborate on projects, whether they are working with their team staff, other players on their team, or other non-player characters. The FBA encourages collaboration as it helps to develop a more rich tapestry and life-like universe. Some of the main ways to work with other members are listed below.

FBA Chat, Forums, and Twitter

The FBA chatroom we use is through a program called slack. You need a user account to access the room, though. To request access, send an email to our webmaster at [email protected] and indicate which email you would like to associate with your username. Access is usually granted within a matter of minutes, but make take up to a day or two depending on the webmaster's availability.

The FBA also has a forum to discuss league news, collaborations, and other announcements. Click here to access the forum.

Lastly, many of the characters in the FBA Universe have in-character twitter handles that they use to augment their stories. You can find the list of these twitter accounts by clicking here.

All of these pages can also be accessed by using the toolbar to the left of the wiki.