Lance Wildfyre

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Lance Wildfyre
(Rabbit, G)
ID# 354
FBA-ASW -Dunk LanceWildfyre.jpg
Illustration by Pac
No. 34 – Retired
Position Guard
Species Rabbit ( Leporidae )
Gender Male
The Flash
Personal information
Born (1992-08-14) August 14, 1992 (age 30)
Gilroy, CA
Nationality American
Listed height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Listed weight 156 lb (71 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
High school Newton Central High School
Newton, MA
FBA draft 2010 / Undrafted
Pro playing career 2010–2021
Career history
2010-Feb 2015 Albany Alphas
Mar 2015-Aug 2015 Santa Fe Whips
2015-2017 Arizona Whips
2017-2021 Bangor Tides
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2013
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator Rourkie
(OOC) Actor Rourkie
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Lance Brendan Wildfyre (Rabbit, born August 14, 1992) is an American professional basketball player for the Bangor Tides of the Furry Basketball Association (FBA). Wildfyre is a passionate, enthusiastic player who entered the FBA directly from high school, where he played for the Albany Alphas until being traded to the Whips in 2015.

Although rapidly making a name for himself as a supportive captain and franchise player, Wildfyre has been criticized on many occasions for his unprofessional conduct off the court, due to his liberal use of social media and blatant disregard for personal heath and fitness (particularly during the off-season). However, Wildfyre exhibits charm and confidence during team-sanctioned events and promotions; the odd combination of determination on the court and his almost apathetic approach when not in uniform have attracted the rabbit quite a following.


Wildfyre grew up in Gilroy, CA (despite his marketing materials suggesting his hometown was Newton, MA). Little is known publicly about his childhood, although town records indicate he was placed in the care of a foster family with his older brother Patrick at an early age. In 2004, Wildfyre received some mild media attention when his foster parents were arrested on charges of child abuse and neglect. Wildfyre, who had been suffering from severe malnutrition and respiratory issues associated with being dangerously overweight, was placed in the custody of his brother.

Wildfyre's path toward competitive athletics is largely attributed to his recovery. Shortly after this incident, Wildfyre discovered a new passion: running. The following year, with the help of his middle school gym teacher, Wildfyre founded a running club for youths which they called GROW. The acronym originally stood for Gilroy: Running Off Weight, but it's popularity spread quickly throughout Southern California, and was quickly changed to Guys and Gals Running Off Weight.

Inspired by the organization's success, Wildfyre had slimmed down considerably during the following years (though he would never quite lose his husky build), and discovered a natural gift for speed and endurance. By the time he reached high school, Wildfyre was competing in state-sponsored races, earning the nickname "The Flash" as the heavyset rabbit surprised and delighted crowds by running circles around his competition. Literally.

Wildfyre's athleticism might have led to a career in professional track and field had it not been for a need to move to Massachusetts in 2008 (due to his brother's career), where the young rabbit was quickly swept up in the locals' Plymouth Taproots fever. After discovering this new love for basketball, Wildfyre began to follow the FBA more regularly. Wildfyre's nickname stuck when he switched to basketball, (especially given his penchant to showboat,) and once he learned how to shoot, "The Flash" felt right at home with a basketball in his paws.

High School Career

In high school, Wildfyre averaged 26.2 points, 11.7 rebounds and 4.2 assists as a junior; and 30.7 points, 12.6 rebounds, 7.4 assists, 4.6 steals, and 4.3 blocked shots per game his senior year, where his aggressive play style led his school in a 23-1 season, and set a new record for his high school's record for points in a single season. He was named Naismith High School Player of the Year, earned the 2009–10 Gatorade Player of the Year award for Massachusetts, and was named named a 2010 McDonald's High School All-American. (Although there was some mild controversy over whether he earned these awards, or if the judges were simply impressed that a short, overweight rabbit could hold his own on the court.)

Although his height and weight made him an unlikely candidate for a professional club, Wildfyre's determination and speed earned him enough attention to be considered on the fringes of the 2010 FBA Draft fresh out of high school. While he wasn't chosen as one of the lucky 48, he was signed shortly after the draft by the Albany Alphas as a walk-on rookie.

FBA Career

Albany Alphas

Since joining with the Albany Alphas in 2010, Wildfyre signed two contract extensions to stay with the New York club, having grown more mature and more experienced, particularly at intercepting passes. He was involved in the 2013 All-Star Game, and earned second place in the 2013 All-Star Week Dunk Contest. He was also nominated for Most Improved Player in 2013.

Arizona Whips

In 2015, Wildfyre was traded to the Santa Fe Whips mid-season. The following year, he was named team captain for the 2015-2016 season, becoming a franchise name for the newly relocated Arizona Whips. Wildfyre earned the Most Improved Player award that year, and went on to win the 2017 ASW Dunk contest the following year.

Bangor Tides

At the end of the 2017 season, Wildfyre chose to terminate his contract with the Whips. In a Draft Day signing moments before the start of the draft, Wildfyre was involved in a sign-and-trade deal which brought him to the Bangor Tides, who also obtained the first draft pick in that deal. Bangor elected him co-captain and that season the rabbit earned the title of Most Valuable Player. The following season, Wildfyre played an integral role in bringing home the championship title for Bangor.

Scouting Report

Wildfyre uses his natural speed and low center of gravity to cut off passes, and to garner vantage points on the court to better direct his team. He focuses on moving the ball out of his opponents' control and redirecting it to where his teammates can best utilize it. Offensively, he charges into the paint to clear a path for low-post points, prevent the opposing team from getting rebounds of their own and grabbing easy lay-ups and dunks when he's in position. In the 2015-2016 season he finished 1st overall in the league for total number of steals and 3 pointers made for the season.

Personal Life

Throughout his time in Albany, Wildfyre was a regular patron to several local bars, and developed a reputation for "partying with fans" as much as possible. It is rumored that he has had a number of dalliances with other FBA players and staff, though only one such relationship can be confirmed: In 2015, Albany trainer April Wigglesworth gave birth to twins, Sage and Basil. Though a paternity test was never requested, Wildfyre confirmed via social media that he was (believed to be) the father. (Twitter, July 19, 2015. Accessed December 28, 2015.)

Although Wigglesworth and Wildfyre have been known to deny their relationship status in public, the two lapines have been frequently seen together at social functions, particularly since their birth of their children.



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