Lucas Dupre

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Lucas Dupre
(Red Fox, G)
ID# 75
No. 4 – Retired
Position Guard
Species Red Fox ( Canidae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born (1981-05-05) May 5, 1981 (age 41)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Listed weight 190 lb (86 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
FBA draft 2001 / Round: 1
Selected by the Biloxi Mudpuppies
Pro playing career 2001–2016
Coaching career 2022–present
Career history
As player:
2001-2012 Biloxi Mudpuppies
2012-2013 Biloxi Voodoo
2013-2014 Bangor Tides
2014-2015 Tennessee Moonshiners
2015-2016 Biloxi Voodoo
As coach:
2022-present Dakota Bikers
Career highlights and awards
Contract information
Contract year 2013
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator FadedForest
(OOC) Actor FadedForest
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use

Lucas Dupre (Red Fox, born May 5th, 1981) is an American head coach for Biloxi State College and a former professional basketball player in the Furry Basketball Association. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he was drafted by, the then, Biloxi Mudpuppies in the 2001 FBA Draft.


One of the top prospects of his state, Lucas chose to stay local and attend LSU. Already a starter as a true Freshman, Lucas was establishing himself as the star player of the team. After a good game against rival Arkansas, Lucas' mother was hit in the head by an Arkansas branded water bottle. Though in the end she would only need two stitches, the hospital held her overnight out of fear of a possible concussion. The incident would spark outrage from LSU staff and fans as the FCAA was unable to determine who had thrown the bottle, nor were they willing to enact any broad punishment against Arkansas or their fans. This led to a tense atmosphere the following year when LSU would travel to face Arkansas on the road. Lucas’ normally present mother would choose to not travel for the game. Despite reassurances from school officials, fans were ruthless, the red fox even hearing a few fans shout out “slinger.” Despite protests from the LSU coach over the slur, the game went on with no fans being removed. If the fans thought they were going to throw the young fox off, they were mistaken. Lucas dominated, putting up a career high 38 points, with 30 of those coming from beyond the 3-pt line. Despite trash being thrown onto the court, Lucas walked off the court with his head held high. Scouts would point to that game when discussing Lucas' potential and after only two years of college basketball, Lucas declared for the 2001 FBA Draft.

Player Profile

Just as the era of Halley Summers ended, Lucas Dupre entered the FBA scene. Arguably one of the top Point Guards of the 21st Century, he made a name for himself as the premier player on the Biloxi Mudpuppies. His play was so impressive he was selected as the league MVP in both 2004 and 2011. A deadeye from beyond the 3-point line, Lucas would win three 3pt Shooting Championships from All-Star Week. With the threat of his long range shooting, Lucas would force defenders to commit to guard him even when he stood a few feet behind the arc. This forced respect allowed Lucas to show off the second aspect of his game that would make him famous, his passing. With a high basketball IQ, Lucas could dissect defenses with his on point passes. Coupled with his selfless play he was regarded as the ideal Point Guard, one who could generate openings for his teammates while still able to generate points from beyond the arc when needed.

Pro Career


The benefit of being a lottery pick in the FBA Draft is the team drafting often has holes in the starting lineup. As such Lucas found an immediate starting role on the Biloxi Mudpuppies. The fox helped turn the team around immediately, helping them make it to the playoffs in his rookie year where they would fall in the second round. For his efforts, Lucas was voted as the Rookie of the Year.

Only two years later he would be hoisting the Most Valuable Player award, with a second to follow in 2011.

While Lucas racked up numerous All-Star selections and Awards, the one that stayed out of reach was the Championship Trophy. After twelve years with the team who had drafted him, Lucas entered the 2013 Free Agency looking for a change. Coming off a highly productive year, the fox received a max deal, $175 million over 7 years, from the Bangor Tides.

Beginning of the End

August 26th, 2014 saw the beginning of the end for Lucas' playing career in the FBA. T-boned by a fur running a red light, the fox sustained a severe sprain of the MCL and LCL in his left leg. While not requiring surgery, it was questionable if he would be good to go by season start.

Though he was cleared by the team doctors, it was obvious in training camp and the preseason games that the fox had lost a step. At 33 years old, the fox was recovering slower and proving to be more prone to lingering injuries. No longer the fox that would put up 28 points a game, the Tides could not justify keeping him on the roster at the max deal they had signed him to in 2013. After shopping him around, the Tides found the Moonshiners willing to take a chance on the aging veteran. In exchange for the Howlers 2014 1st Round Pick and Tay McKie, the Tides sent Lucas to the Moonshiners.

On his third team in three years, Lucas did his best to help the defending Champions stay competitive. The reason the Moonshiners were so willing to take on such a huge contract was due to the upheaval in the lineup caused by Saul Tortuga’s retirement and a number of key players hitting Free Agency. Despite shooting well, Barton was unable to put up the numbers of his younger years.

As a result, the Moonshiners exercised their new right per the recently signed collective bargaining agreement to void the remaining five years on Lucas’ contract.

One Final Tour

A Free Agent once again, the 35 year old fox had few interested parties willing to take in the aging star. Eventually Lucas negotiated a $7 million, one year deal to return to the Biloxi Voodoo.

Being forced to come off the bench for the first time in over a decade was tough on Lucas. Despite good shooting, his body was no longer holding up to the stress of playing in the FBA. By the end of the year he had racked up eight leg injuries and no longer could he deny his time in the FBA was up.

Announcing his plans to retire at the end of the 2015-16 Season, Lucas left behind a legacy with potential of landing him in the Hall of Fame.

Post Retirement

Next Chapter

After retiring from the league, Lucas had to figure out what to do with his life having moved back to New Orleans. Given his abundance of free time, he decided to accept his alma maters' invitation to visit one of their practices. It was at this practice that Lucas couldn't help himself but try to correct the shooting habits of some of the players; he got so into it that before he realized the whole team had come over to listen to him give his explanation on shooting patterns. When Lucas finally noticed he looked to their Coach, who asked him to continue.

After practice, LSU’s coach approached Lucas inquiring if he was interested in coaching. A few weeks later Lucas was approached by the President of Biloxi State College, Lucas’ name had been passed along to him by LSU’s coach and they were in the process of replacing their long time coach who had retired. Agreeing to take the Head Coach job, Lucas began a new page in his basketball career.