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Thank you for your interest in the Furry Basketball Association!

Guests of this website are welcome to read up on games, players, our stories, or check out our art gallery. Guests are also invited to comment on any capsules, stories or art pieces they find.

Registration Benefits

Some features require an account with WikiFBA, such as:

  • Submitting artwork
  • Submitting stories
  • Editing pages

Also, every General Manager and Head Coach is required to have an account on WikiFBA.

How to Register

If you would like to get an account, send an email to [email protected]

Include in the email two things:

  • The account name you wish to use on WikiFBA
  • An email address to send the automatically generated password to

If you do not include an email address, the account will be made with the email address you sent your message from. Emails without an account name will not be processed.

Thank you, and we certainly hope you'll enjoy your time with the Furry Basketball Association!