Santa Fe Whips

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Santa Fe Whips
2014-2015 Santa Fe Whips season
Santa Fe Whips logo
Conference Western
Division Plains
Founded 2004
History El Paso Whips (1983-2004), Santa Fe Whips (2004-2015), Arizona Whips (2015-present)
Arena Pueblo Coliseum
City Santa Fe, NM
Team colors Dark Red, Yellow and Black


Owner(s) Annie Paige (female taur leopardess)
General manager Hugo Chavic (male badger)
Head coach Paul Kruester (male coyote)
Assistant coach Betty Hutchinson (female deer)
Lead trainer Jonathan Gaines (male mountain goat)
Championships 1
Division titles 1

The Santa Fe Whips (commonly known as the Whips) were an American professional basketball team based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They played in the Plains Division of the Western Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA) from 2004 to 2015. After the 2014-15 season ended, the team relocated to Flagstaff, AZ and now plays as the Arizona Whips.

Last Roster

Sante Fe Whips 2014-2015 Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 354.jpg
PID 585.jpg
PID 232.jpg
PID 415.jpg
PID 17.jpg
34 Lance Wildfyre (Rabbit, G) 11 Theodore Sanftner (Prairie Dog, G) 18 Godfrey Zindendel (Goat, F) 23 Michael Porter (Mallard, F/C) 66 Karl Chiklak (Moose, C)
Bigfur Guard Center Swingfur Forward
PID 543.jpg
PID 424.jpg
PID 791.jpg
PID 491.jpg
PID 542.jpg
6 Serhan Tevetoğlu (Turkish Angora Cat, F/C) 14 Mitch Ruffcorn (Muskrat, G) 55 Trent St. Croix (Polar Bear, C) 87 Remy Belgique (Belgian Tervuren, G/F) 64 Scott Paulichek (Fisher, F)
Reserves Inactives
Guard Guard Swingfur Forward Guard
PID 528.jpg
PID 736.jpg
PID 599.jpg
PID 497.jpg
PID 638.jpg
31 Sam Wallace (Groundhog, G) 1 Iver Drake (Siberian Tiger, G) 33 Trevor Crawford (Flying Fox, G/F) 22 Richard Maxwell (Deer, F) 8 Wiley Twaddle (Woodchuck, G)


Name Nickname Species Gender Title Height Weight Birthplace or School Seasons With FBA #
Paul Kruester N/A Coyote M Head Coach 6'3" 213 Pack Territory 10
Betty Hutchinson N/A Deer F Assistant Coach 5'8" 164 Red Deer College 7
Jonathan Gaines N/A Mountain Goat M Athletic Trainer 6'8 237 Appalachian Mammal College 14
Finn Schuyler N/A Otter M Announcer 5'7" 220 Tacoma, WA 29