Spokane Rapids

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Spokane Rapids
Spokane Rapids logo
Conference Western
Division Mountain
Founded 1994
History Spokane Rapids
Seattle Summit
Arena The Lilac Dome (aka "The Coliseum")
City Spokane, WA
Team colors Blue, Grey, White


Owner(s) Matt Reid (male otter)
General manager Matt Reid (male otter)
Head coach Nightfire Kitsura (male squnx)
Assistant coach Björn Haglund (male bighorn ram), Krystal Bunny (female bunny)
Lead trainer Dahntay Wilkins (male raccoon), Tullia Rosa (female skunk)
Division titles 1

Franchise History

Spokane, WA, has not been known as a strong basketball town in fact the history of the Spokane rapids comes from a history in white water rafting then basketball. Matt Reid, an otter born and raised in Spokane, WA. lead the USA team into 4 world championship in the White Water Rafting competition from 1988 - 1992. he helped started the women rafting team who won the women's championship in 1990,1993, and 1995. Matt Reid was the heart and soul of the USA team. His motto "behind the 8-ball" kept the team strong and lead them to many trophies and medals. In the world championship in 1994 the men raft flipped on the second bend, the team recovered and finished the race but the deep gash in Matt Reid leg force him to retire early. When the FBA was looking for new expansion teams Spokane found this as a perfect opportunity to put themselves on the map as part of a very growing franchise. It was easy to ask Matt Reid to become the owner of the team, with his leadership their chances of making a solid team to compete in the league was guarantee.

The result though didn't turn out as well as they hope. They club went to hired strong businessmen and trainers, but the businessmen didn't know much about basketball and each year poor decisions were made, failed trades, poor draft picks, inexperience coaching has driven the team to one of the weaker expansion club of 1994. Matt Reid whom once lead the USA to victory was now struggling with a basketball club. It seem there was no hope for the Spokane Rapids, till in 2004, as the third pick in the draft they picked up Steven Standard. Matt Reid saw this as an opportunity to get something new and fresh for the team. In a radical move he fired his board and hire and all new staff and the former head coach William Terms was let go. Matt Reid hired on Louie Slagburn as the new Head coach.