Stanislaus Thrust

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Stanislaus Thrust
Conference Western
Division Southwest
Founded 1995
History Began in 1995 and folded in 2012, relocating to San Jose, CA to become the San Jose Thrust
Arena Bull Palace 1995-2009
Alpo Arena 2009-2010
Rabbit Valley Pavilion 2010-2012
City Modesto, CA
Team colors Purple, Silver, black
Owner(s) Anjij Qimmiq (female American eskimo dog)
General manager TBD
Head coach Rick Loughery (male dolphin)
Championships 1 (2011)
Conference titles 1 (2009)
Division titles 3 (2009, 2010, 2011)
Retired numbers 16 Romaldo Gonzalez

The Stanislaus Thrust was one of 6 teams created in the 1995 FBA Expansion in an effort to attract more attention to the FBA from rural communities across North America. They were relocated to San Jose, CA in 2012 to become the San Jose Thrust.