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Cracking Resolve
Written by Shataivian

Lisa started laughing. She thanked the person on the phone, hung up and stroked her hair with a sigh. A positive test result meant good news. It meant David was her father all along. It meant he was at least telling her the truth about that. A positive test result puts a bunch of mystery to rest. But a positive test result meant going back to square one. It meant more questions which meant less answers. A positive test result was not what she wanted to hear. It’s enough to want to scream and cry. It’s enough to wreck her condo with frustration.

Lisa sat on her couch, staring at her ceiling. The Spirits had just finished the quarter finals as the victors, winning four to one against the Minutemen. With the early win the semifinals wouldn’t begin for a few more days. And this is how she chose to spend her time off. She hadn’t seen David since before the playoffs began, and it was probably for the best. He didn’t know what Sandrine, Emmett, and she were planning behind his back, a nice change of pace.

It had been two days since Sandrine mailed out the test kit and, like clockwork, they all received the results. Lisa’s face was bright with the news. She couldn’t stop laughing with the woman on the other line, and she continued on afterwards. A positive result would have stop her in her tracks for a bit, but hearing the woman say the word “negative,” Lisa couldn’t help but to laugh. It was like a negative result was actually good news, as heartbreaking as it may have been. Both of her legs bounced furiously while she sat, and her motions where aimless while she was up. She didn’t know what to do with all this energy. Until it hit her. She checked her schedule, thought for only a second, and decided she would make a quick trip over to Seattle. A phone call would have worked just fine, but Lisa needed to expel some of this energy. Besides, she didn’t think Eric would tell her the truth if she were to speak with him over the phone. No. This needed a personal touch.

Lisa landed in Seattle in the evening, just in time to catch Eric working at the lounge. She hailed a taxi and made straight for her uncle. When she arrived, Eric was nowhere in sight. Carefully, so as not to grab too much attention, she asked the bartender if Eric was in, and she told her she’d get him for her. As she waited, she tapped her nails against the bar. She had not planned what she was going to say to him. Her mind was too occupied to even try to come up with something. All she knew was she was going to get something out of David’s best friend.

“Lisa!” Eric cheered as he walked out from an office behind the bar. He was wearing a red and black suit with a black embroidered design on the left side that almost resembled a dragon. He walked over to her with wide arms and hugged her, but Lisa was stiff. She whispered that she needed to speak with him and then proceeded to guide him back into his own office.

The lounge had music playing. So, it was a shock to find that Eric’s office was silent compared to the noise just outside the door. Perfect.

“How you doin’, kiddo?” Eric began. Lisa had her back to him, visibly heaving. And when she turned to face him, Eric jumped. She was hunched over like a beast ready to kill.

“You are going to tell me everything,” Lisa said through snarls.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s this about?” Lisa was not going to entertain Eric’s question. Instead, she took his office chair and tossed it out of her way as she slowly crept towards him.

“No more fucking games. You are going to tell me everything about David.” Eric had backed up all the way to the wall and continued to press backwards as Lisa approached. She grabbed the collar of his black dress shirt, ripping a hole in it with her claws. With her other arm, she rested against the wall, completely blocking any path of escape.

“I-I don’t know what this is about. B-but I told you, that stuff’s between blood!” Eric tried to struggle out of her grasp so that he can attempt to calm her, but she had been pushed over the edge with his last statement.

“’Between blood?’ David’s. Not. My FUCKING. Father!” Overwhelmed with rage, Lisa slammed Eric back against the wall. It wasn’t hard, but it was more than Eric was expecting. That, and what Lisa said confused him.

“What do you mean he’s-“

“He’s not my father! And you knew this!”

“Whoa, whoa. Hold on a sec. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Eric started to slowly move closer to Lisa as she showed signs that she believed what he was saying.

“Emmett and I did a DNA test to see if we shared genes. The test came back fucking negative! I don’t share his mother OR his father!” Eric held in place as he tried to make sense of what Lisa was saying. “I’m sick of the fucking games, Eric. I don’t give a damn about your morals. What the fuck else have you been hiding from me?”

“I…” Eric tried to find the words, but he still was in shock from this news. “Lisa, I swear I had no idea. I… Lisa… Holy shit… I’m… I’m sorry.”

Eric’s apology was enough to calm Lisa down from her rampage. She took the seat she had tossed and sat in it, crying into her hands not knowing what else to do at this moment. Eric rolled over a second chair and sat in front of her, placing his hand on her shoulder to soothe her.

“Hunny… I mean… I’d ask if you were sure… You took a DNA test?” Lisa then explained everything she had been through in the last few months. She told him what Valencia had said. She told him about the $5 million strip of her birth certificate. She told him about the trip to Albany to find Bellamy’s obituary. She told him about this new woman named Eliza Mae. She told him everything between sniffs and breakdowns all while Eric sat and took the barrage of new information.

“You didn’t know about any of this?” Lisa whimpered.

“No… I… I had no idea, sweetheart.”

“Now what do I do? I’ve got nothing to go on.”

“I still think you should talk to your father… er…” Eric sighed.

“Eric. Please. If there is anything. Anything at all you can tell me…” Eric rubbed the back of his head. “Please. Put yourself in my shoes. Cut me a break, will you? Something. Anything. Please.”

Eric ran through everything in his head before finding the one bit of information Lisa seemed to be off on. “It ain’t much… and I don’t know how much it’ll help ya…”

“Eric… Please.” Lisa could barely see straight as the tears blurred her vision. Eric gave one last sigh.

“Well. I do know one thing. You weren’t born in Albany. You weren’t even born in New York… You were born in Delaware…”

“Delaware?” Lisa sniffed. “Where in Delaware?” Lisa sat up straight in her seat, seemingly catching a second wind.

“I-I don’t remember exactly. But Delaware ain’t all that big to begin with. And like I said, I don’t know how much it’ll help. But that’s all I know.” Eric wiped her face and stood her to her feet. Before she could make her way out, Eric snatched her over and hugged her close. “Hun. I love you, you know that? I’m so sorry about all of this.” He pulled her out of the hug and placed both hands on her cheeks. “You’re gonna be okay. I’ve got your back.” Lisa said nothing in response. She only kissed his forehead and left his office. She didn’t say I love you, or goodbye. She just left. All that was on her mind now was Delaware. It was a shame the semifinals would begin the following day. This would have to stew in her head for a while longer.

As her hand touched the door leading out into the street, Eric rounded the bar and shouted.

“It was a city!” Lisa barely looked over her shoulder, stood tall, and continued out of the lounge. A city in Delaware. That narrows it down.

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