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Get Dunked, Arther!
Written by IllaRouge and Zenbas

The crowd had gathered for the annual Dunk Contest. Lady and Arther stood in the tunnel to come out onto the floor. Prior to the event, they'd worked with the stadium crew to do a surprise dunk, one for charity. The Huntsville faculty even worked with the local Chamber of Commerce to get their donation matched. The lighthearted dunk required a few wiring rigs, which had thankfully been ready for a separate dunk, and choreography. As the event was set to begin, Arther's nervousness stood in stark contrast to the enthusiastic glee of Lady.

She tugged at Arther's costume, a plush basketball. "Hey, you all right, buddy?"

"Huh?" The tug pulled Arther from his self-induced trance "Oh, I'm fine. I'm just thinking about things." His eyes fixed on the Huntsville logo on the court. As the crowd continued to fill the arena, Arther decided to break the silence. "I had dreams like this growing up, standing in the tunnel at Huntsville for All-Stars. different attire. I'm not saying I don't like the outfit! Far from it!"

Lady put her hand on his arm. She smiled, much calmer than normal. "Hey, I'm really glad you've got this outfit, yeah?" She pointed to the Tennessee wristband around her right wrist. She gave a big, goofy smile.

Arther smiled as she pointed to the band. "I made a lot of people happy that day. I met Blake about a year ago, back before he was a pro. Pardon the pun, but I bet he was over the moon when he heard I was staying. Although the opposite could also be said for those elsewhere." Arther shook his head. "Sorry about that. It's not often these days I get to open up, especially when no one is taking note." As various members of staff ran around the pair preparing for the complex dunk, Arther went quiet.

The corgi seemed unbothered by the hustle and bustle. She was focused on Arther while they still had the time. "Hey, I know a little something about making that kinda decision. It's not easy, but you've gotta do what's right for you. Think about everyone you made happy. That's the important part." She leaned in and hugged him as best as she could with the inflatable basketball around him. "You and me are gonna go chat after this. Cool?"

"Sure." Arther took a deep breath before exhaling quickly. "Ok! Let's do this, Supercorgi!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!" came her reply.

Lady pulled the mask on, a sequined monstrosity in the Mayors' colors, and the technicians led Arther away, ready to hook onto the wires and supports. They waved to each other and got into position. Lady adjusted her cape, attached to her extremely yellow jumpsuit.

And with that, the announcer, ready to begin the festivities, stammered as he read the first name for the competition.

"Wait? What's this? A surprise entry?!" The crowd murmured in confusion. "Ladies and gentlemen, I've never seen such a thing. We have a new competitor at the eleventh hour! May I present our shortest ever Dunk Contest entry...Laaaaadyyyyyyyyy Blaaaaaaaaaaack!" He coughed. "Um, I mean, Suuuuupercooooorgiiiiiiii!"

The lights came up, and Lady, adorned in a Tennessee-colored superhero outfit, complete with Cape, stood on a small platform near the sidelines. She had a big, goofy grin, displayed on the huge screens, with folks cheering for the surprise dunk.

"Supercorgi will be dunking her $100,000 basketball into the Charity Hoop!" Another light snapped on and pointed at an oversized hoop. "Do we think she can do it?!" The crowd cheered. As they did, another light came up on Arther.

Chuckles came from the crowd as they find Arther in a basketball costume, the amount of padding verging on the realms of ridiculous. Although for the rabbit, he was glad for the protection. The distraction was long enough for the corgi to get into the position, and the line to Arther's harness went taught. As Supercorgi lifted the ball into the air, the signs of panic started to appear on Arther face.

Lady, showing a mighty feat of strength and holding Arther up with one hand, egged on the crowd to get them going. The oversized hoop was positioned just past center court. Lady set for the court, doing dribbles controlled by Arther's harness. In front of the hoop down the court sat a trampoline, ready to launch a little corgi into the air. Inside of the hoop was protective foam that would stop most anything falling into it from injury. Lady lifted her arm up, and Arther raised with it. Then, with little warning, she made a motion to throw Arther into the air, which signaled the technicians to raising up the spookable rabbit.

As he rose into the air, he also started to spin outside of his control. He couldn't figure what was up or down as he spun. Once he was in the air, Lady jumped on the trampoline as he came down and 'dunked' the bunny. Lucky for the rabbit, his descent was gentler as he landed within the basket. As Supercorgi celebrated her victory in completing her All-star dunk with the crowd, Arther was seeing stars of his own as he laid under the basket, his head spinning from the dunk.

But as Arther was recovering, Lady hit the trampoline one final time and flew into the pit of protective foam along with him, much to the crowd's delight. She emerged from the depths next to Arther, and she gave him a big smooch on the cheek. She snickered hard as the announcers moved on with the show. Details for how everyone else could donate to their charity, a local at-risk youth empowerment organization, flashed on the screen. The technicians helped both out of the foam pit and back onto the court.

The duo retreated to the tunnel once more. Lady patted Arther on the back and wished him luck on his real dunk. He seemed much more at ease with their routine done, but she didn't want to be a distraction as he psyched himself up for the actual contest. She waved goodbye and trotted away to her seat.

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