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Grand Prize
Written by IllaRouge

Song: "Battle Cry"

What an odd day. Margo, ever the ASW attendee, doesn't usually see this kind of activity so early in the week. A surprise heart-to-heart with her dunk contest competitor, straight into her only event. Tia has always been good at giving the hare her space when she needs it, and today is no exception. If the nerves had been a thing, they no longer are. A humbling loss is a good grounding for Margo.

But it's hard for her to feel like a loser, not today. Despite another first round elimination, she talked the organizers into allowing her an exhibition dunk. It doesn't count for points, but that isn't what matters.

The arena darkens, and Angel Graze's "Battle Cry" begins to play.

With a spotlight on her, Margo nears center court. A ball of light jettisons from beyond the basket. It heads straight for Margo, and she watches it with one big paw. The light-cloaked basketball turns out to be a seven-toned Lesbian Pride flag, with each stripe's colors weaved with glittering LEDs. Margo bounces the ball and wraps the flag around her neck like a cape. She recaptures the ball and tosses it back with a gentler arc, and her girlfriend, Tia Terra, catches it from the sidelines.

Margo remains at half-court and strikes a goofy superhero pose, fists on her hips, looking very confident. She nods to Tia, whom taps the side of the ball. The ball equally lights up in Lesbian Pride LEDs, and the stadium remains dark. Margo strikes another dramatic pose as she prepares to run to the basket.

She starts running. Tia stands behind the basket. She shoots the ball over the basket in a long arc toward Margo's eventual position. As Margo's foot touches the free throw line, she bounds high. She catches the ball with both hands. Then, in a Superman-style pose, she reaches out with her left hand and practically throws the ball into the basket after such a long jump. Her fingers grip the rim, and she swings underneath the basket while holding on. She twists her body around mid-air, and she lets go. She lands on the ground on one knee, fist to the ground.

In a triumphant pose, she stands up and holds her hands up to the cheers of the crowd.

Margo turns to Tia, still celebrating the dunk. The opossum locks eyes with her, and Margo's heart thumps. She waves Tia to come join her on the court. Tia bounds toward the hare, but Margo holds her hand up to slow the impending marsupial.

It remains dark in the arena, the spotlight still the only light apart from Margo's flag and ball. The hare wishes she were pausing for dramatic effect, but it's nerves that have her silently stumbling.

Rather than overthinking, she reaches into her pocket. As if on cue, there are murmurs from the stands; as if on cue, there are gasps as Margo gets down on one knee. The music lowers. She produces a velvet-covered box and opens it, revealing a petrified wood ring to the surprised opossum.

With no microphone, as these words are for Tia only, Margo asks, "Tia, will you marry me?"

The gasps slowly turn to cheers and shouts. The loud applause echoes throughout the whole stadium, but Tia can't hear a thing. As she stares at the ring, everything around her is silent. All is completely muffled compared to the loud beating of her heart. In all her excitement, she quickly grabs at her paw. She pinches herself. She pinches herself quite a few times and smiles when she fully realizes that this is all really happening. Her excitement grows so much. She even starts to hop in place, her hair flying around and covering her face. She pauses and says, "Oh! This is the part where I say yes?! Oh no, sorry. Wait." She lets out another happy squeal before collecting herself. She then gently holds Margo's paw and holds the box and says, in such a shaky but happy voice.

"Yes! You betcha I will!" She hugs Margo with tears in her eyes. Margo slips the ring on Tia's finger.

She has no time to react as Tia descends upon her, said descension being a tackling hug that took Margo to the floor. Cloaked in sapphic light, the two hug on the floor as the stadium cheers. They kiss, the solid band sparkling.

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