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Stronger Together
Written by Americandrakken and Patrickcoyote

Akiak rolled over from his side of the bed onto the lump that was Kaspar. He heard a low meow and couldn't help but giggle. His poor boyfriend was being squished under his weight but he stayed on top of him nonetheless.

“Kaspar, am I flattening you? Like a pancake!?”

“Yes. Like a sweet, tasty pancake.” The lynx’s voice was muffled by the weight on top of him.

The husky grinned and finally rolled off the lynx. He sat up some and hunched over a bit in order to (rather awkwardly) rest his chin on Kaspar's back.

“Do you want pancakes for breakfast?”

“That sounds good as hell.”

“Or…I can flatten you again and have a kitty pancake.” he said, moving up some to gently bite Kaspar's ear. “I’m the natural predator meow!”

Kaspar shifted his weight to put the two on more equal footing and fake-snarled at the husky. “Y’know, I’m a predator too.”

Akiak laughed and pressed his nose to Kaspar's cheek. “But you'd never eat me, right? Because I'm too cute to eat?”

“That, and you’d probably taste like shit.”

“Friendship with Kaspar over!” he grabbed the closest pillow and hugged it. “New friend is pillow.”

Kaspar laughed as he sat up. “You’re a dork. You know that?”

“I know.'re a bigger dork!” he giggled and stole a kiss from the lynx before sitting up. “So...breakfast? Make Oliver cook?”

“Of course! I didn’t come here to actually, like, do work.”

“Make Oliver do all the work!”

After breakfast, time to digest, then their daily practice with Oliver, the two found themselves relaxing in the living room. Akiak sprawled out on one side of the couch, groaning and kicking his feet.

“Kaaaaaspar. Kaaaspar.”

“Whaaaaaaaaat, Akiak?”

The husky whined and dragged a hand down the side of his face. “What should we do!? Watch anime? Read? Eat more food? Eat food and watch anime!? Beat up Oliver!?”

“All of the above?” The lynx laughed. “Uhhhh…”

“Want to watch Boku no Hero Academia? I want to see Deku's cute sheep face.”

“Yesss. Yes, let’s do that. It’s been a while and I think I’ve forgotten half the plot by this point.”

Akiak grinned and quickly stood up so he could move closer to Kaspar. He grabbed the remote from the coffee table then casually plopped himself on top of the lynx's lap.

“You better not have forgotten the plot! We're already on season two!” he said with a huff, leaning back on the poor feline.

“I’m sorry! I’m forgetful! I only have so much room up here for this goofy shit,” Kaspar replied, laughing, as he gestured at his head.

The husky giggled and slid off Kaspar’s lap to sit next to him. He leaned on the lynx, tail wagging, and turned on their cursed anime.

The two watched the anime intently, Akiak answering any questions Kaspar had here and there. When they got to their 6th episode, one of the longest anime streaks they’d had without break, the husky turned to rest his chin on Kaspar’s shoulder.


“Yeah, Akiak? What’s up?”

“Do you think we can take a snack break about my contract offers?”

Kaspar sat up a bit at the suggestion of slightly more serious conversation. “Oh. Uh. Yeah, no problem. Let’s talk about that.”

Akiak paused the anime and took a moment to glance at the red spiky furred character on screen. “My son...I’ll be back.” he said, standing and taking Kaspar’s hand to lead him to the kitchen.

Oliver Vance sat at the kitchen’s island, eyes glued to his phone as a bowl of soggy cereal sat in front of him. “This is bullshit…” he muttered.

“What’s going on?” Kaspar asked as they entered the room.

“Oh, you know,” the swift fox waved a hand in the air and pocketed his phone. “Same ole tweeter shit. Everyone cryin’ ‘boo hoo no contracts for me yet!’ and then the nobodies being put on a damn pedestal. I don’t know what some of these GM’s are even thinking! Ask Akiak here. His own team hasn’t even offered him shit.”

“Jeez,” the lynx continued as he sat down. “Glad I don’t have to deal with that for another year…”

Akiak couldn’t bother to address what Oliver had said about Albany. Instead, he took a seat next to Kaspar and pointed at the bowl of cereal in front of the fox. “Maybe you should stop worrying about tweeter drama and eat! Look at that!! That is so gross. I don’t even think its edible anymore!”

Vance rolled his eyes, stood, and quickly grabbed the bowl to walk it over to the sink. “Yeah, yeah, smart ass. You know my whole beef with all this. But forget it. I’m going out for some groceries,” he squinted accusingly at the two seated. “Since some people have been eating all my food.”

“Don’t look at me,” Kaspar laughed. “Akiak’s been eating WAY more junk.”

The husky gasped and gently hit the lynx on the arm. “Nuh uh! I’m watching my figure.” he said, batting his eyes at Oliver.

Oliver shook his head. “Uh huh. That’s why there’s so many empty bags of junk food under your bed, right?”

Before Akiak could answer, Oliver was already laughing and walking away. Akiak huffed and laid his head on the kitchen island granite top.

“Sometimes Oliver is the biggest...the biggest…” he huffed more, trying to find the right word. “The BIGGEST! Doofus. But not any bigger than you, Kaspar.”

“That’s why you love me, though!” Kaspar laughed, before a more serious tone returned to his voice. “So, uh...what did we need to talk about again?”

Akiak kept his head down and glanced up at his boyfriend. His tail wagged softly, bumping into Kaspar as it went. “About my contract offers. I’ve got three so far be honest? I don’t care about the money so much. Now I really just care about the location.” he carefully took Kaspar’s hand in his. “I mean, location like...being closer to you.”

“That’s what’s most important to you? Not money, not being on a contender?” Kaspar said, looking into Akiak’s eyes. “I mean, I’m flattered, and I love being around you, but…what’s best for your career?”

“” he giggled and lifted his head up to smooch the lynx's nose. “I mean! I never really thought so deep about things. I wasn't even officially ranked as a top 24 but I still got picked as one. When that happened, I was just happy enough with that.”

The husky could tell that wasn’t enough of an answer, so he gave Kaspar's hand a squeeze and went on.

“Since day one I just wanted to get on a team. I didn't have any big preference unless you count Winnipeg because of Mike Timmids. Who I don't love more than you, by the way! But, but, uhm!” he pursed his lips, brows furrowed. “You know! I don't care about being paid a gajillion dollars. I liked my Albany team but now Albany is rebuilding. The teams that offered me contracts are nice. Teams I could see myself going to. But really? If I'm just going to be another bench player, I'd rather be a bench player who is only a 2 hour flight away from their boyfriend.”

“You asked me what's best for my career?” Akiak smiled and leaned in a little closer to the lynx. “It's you! You're the best thing that’s ever happened to my career. As long as I'm on a team, any team, as long as I'm being paid-even if it was a dollar! With you in my life, I'm the best me I could ever be. I mean, technically I could probably be stronger! Maybe I could work out more...practice my 3 pointers more...but you get it!! I'm just,”

The husky took a deep breath to collect his thoughts. “I'm just saying decision will definitely be made with you in mind. And it won't bother me at all.” he stole a kiss from Kaspar before leaning back to hear his thoughts on his novella-length speech.

Kaspar was silent for several seconds. Instead of talking, he took a step towards the husky, pulling him into a deep embrace that lasted almost a half-minute before he pulled back.

“Akiak, I don’t always understand you, or why you do what you do,” he laughed, wiping a half-tear from his eye. “But you know what? I love you.”

Akiak grinned and squeeze-hugged his super amazing boyfriend. “I love you too!” He couldn't help but giggle at how happy and goofy he felt at that moment.

“But! I want to talk to you about us.” he pulled back a little to show the lynx a big pout. “Should we go public? I feel like...if we try to hide it outside of Oliver's, someone will figure something out. Plus! PLUS!!! I don't think I'd be able to not give you smooches when we see each other during games!”

Kaspar exhaled sharply. “Oh, jeez. That would be a big step, wouldn’t it?”

“A plus ultra step…” he giggled at his little anime reference. “But it's not like the FBA is against the LGBTQ community. We also wouldn't be the first FBA couple!”

“I mean, you’re right,” Kaspar seemed lost in thought for a couple of seconds. “We wouldn’t get too much hate for it, would we? I don’t know, I guess I’m just worried about…”


“Kinda. And I just...I don’t know. It’s a big step, and I’m always just worried that something will go wrong. Somehow.”

“If Sterling is really your friend, he won't be mean to you. Like, Oliver doesn't really think highly of dating ‘coworkers’ but when I told Oliver about you, he made fun of me...BUT in a good way! Because I know he meant well! And he still does. And,” he booped Kaspar's nose gently. “Nothing will go wrong! It's Team Kaspiak against the world!! PLUS ULTRA!!”

Kaspar laughed, pulling in the husky for a hug. “You’re a doofus. A doofus in the best way, but still a doofus.”

“You're a bigger doofus! But I know if we're together, combining our doofus powers, we'll make it no matter what! Kaspiak forever!”

“I can’t believe you gave us a ship name,” Kaspar smirked. “I love it, though.”

“Just like you'll love how I announce the newest, cutest, couple of 2018? Aka us!? I'm going to get balloons and a cake with us on it. And cute keychain charms. And a banner with a rainbow with our faces on it. OH OH!” the husky bounced excitedly in his seat. “I'll get us MATCHING shirts! The shirts will have us on them, too! But it'll be a cute selfie of us! Maybe even with my cat in the picture too!!”

Kaspar snorted. “You’ve had this all planned out for a while, haven’t you?”

“Maybe...maybe not.”

“ know what? I think we should go public. You’re right. It’ll do more good than harm.”

“So...let's be gay in public now?”

“Yes. Very.”

The two stared each other in the eyes for a moment before sharing a kiss and a tight hug.

Maybe they'd get backlash. Maybe long distance would be a little difficult. Maybe some fans wouldn't like seeing the two kiss on court.

Whatever would come, they would be in it together. As far as the two of them were concerned, Team Kaspiak could make it through anything.

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