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The Talk: Finale
Written by Shataivian

One week.

One week ago, she went to Delaware.

One week ago, she found Bellamy duPont’s archived obituary.

One week ago, she learned it was a joint obituary.

One week ago, she found Bellamy’s, alongside her child’s grave.

One week ago, she learned that child… was her.

There was a man named Timothy duPont who lost his wife and daughter the day after Christmas in 1995. He had two sons, Daniel, and Andrew. The wife’s name: Bellamy. The daughter: Eliza Mae; the same name on the one piece of birth certificate Lisa could afford from Valencia. Lisa held all the pieces of the puzzle. But it would have to take too much willpower to fully piece them together. But the image she could already see was already too much.

Lisa had just finished her long walk through Baltimore. Even a run, her favorite thing to do to cool herself off, was too much for her. But the rage in her had not dwindled. There were so many names that surfaced from all of this. Names she had not known until recently. Names she knew David must have always known about. And then there was the thing David said to her in the hospital:

“You’re not my daughter.”

Her body stayed stiff as she entered her condo, looking for something to occupy her time. Anything to try and calm her nerves. Maybe something to eat? No. There would be no way to keep it down as tied into knots her stomach was. Maybe a coffee? With her heart racing and the adrenaline flowing, that’d only make things worse. Maybe a bath?

The decision was made when she heard the knock on her door. Of course, he’d be there now. If he was wise to what Lisa was going through, David would not be there today, and on Father’s Day. But almost eagerly, Lisa opened the door, though her face remained blank and unreadable.

“Lisa!” David shouted as he entered her condo, arms raised to embrace her.

Lisa said nothing, did nothing. David might as well had been hugging a doll. As David caught notice, he adjusted himself.

“Right,” he began. “So, I’m sure you know what day it is.” David spoke with a bit of cheer in his voice.

Lisa said nothing.

“A-and since it’s Father’s Day, I thought it would be a perfect day for you and me to have some fun together… You know… after the last few weeks.”

Lisa had begun to pace away from David towards her living room, but with no aim in mind. David took this chance to cautiously enter a bit farther into her condo. He stopped as soon as Lisa did. She had paused in front of the painting hanging across her couch. On it were two daffodils and a pink rose. Her bottom lip quivered.

“Guess what I did,” he continued with a nervous/cheery voice. “I rented a couple of jet skis! You know how you and I have been-“

“’Pray, do not pick the daffodils…’” Lisa softly interrupted. Her gaze stayed fixed to the painting on her wall.


“’Do NOT pick the daffodils,’” she burst out, slowly turning to face whom she thought was her father her whole life. She continued: “’their life has just begun.’”

Shock grew across his face, but David said nothing as Lisa approached.

“’Oh, let them live as NATURE MEANT, stood dancing ‘neath the sun.’” Her steps were heavy, her breath nearly visible. “’Nor PLUCK the roses from their stems, for they will WILT and DIE.’” It was slight, but David had begun to step backwards. “’ Oh, LEAVE them ling’ring in the earth, to grow wherein they LIE,’” her voice began to raise. “’Each leaf, each bloom, each blade of grass BELONGS to MOTHER earth.’” Though nowhere near one another, the tension was that of two people standing chest to chest. “’Pray do not TAKE them from the soil. Do not. Destroy. Their birth.’” Lisa had barely left her living room, leaving plenty of distance between the two.

“H-ha…,” David chuckled. “Still love that poem.”

Lisa said nothing.

“R-right. Well! Grab your swim gear and let’s get going!” David shouted as he clapped his hands together. “We’ve got a full day ahead of ourselves!”

Lisa said nothing.

David sighed. It was clear he was going to have to address the situation. He entered farther into her apartment, making his way towards Lisa. “Come on, sweetheart,” he cooed. “I want today to be a good day…” Lisa’s eyes pierced David’s. “I know…” he sighed again. “I know Val has made things difficult… but I want you to know that you come first.”

Lisa said nothing.

“I mean, I tossed her out. I haven’t even seen her since Steerbucks… H-have you?”

Lisa said nothing.

“Well… you let me know if she ever tries to contact you. Oh, and I will get your money back,” David said with determination. “I won’t let her get away with attacking my daughter.” There was that word: daughter. Lisa’s eye twitched.

“I HAVE heard from her,” Lisa finally responded. Her body swiveled away from David as she slowly moved to the chest of drawers under the painting.


“She called me when I was visiting Bellamy’s grave in Delaware.” Her voice was calm as she knelt to rummage about the chest.

David said nothing.

“David,” she said to the man she once called father. She was opening a toolbox inside the chest.

“Lisa,” David groaned.

“This… is your last chance to tell me… everything.”


“And I mean EVERYTHING. You lie to me…” Lisa pulled a hammer out of the toolbox and stared at it, her back to David. “I won’t hold back.”

“Lisa!” David firmly shouted. Unfazed, Lisa slowly stood to her feet, turning to face David, the hammer held out to one side.

“I am so… fucking serious. I will not hold back.” Suddenly, David’s words got caught in his throat as Lisa began her advance once again. “What was Bellamy’s maiden name?” Lisa quickly started, giving David no time at all to catch his breath.

“Lisa… I…” he struggled. “It… was DuPont…”

“WRONG!” Lisa quickly called out. “Lambert. What state was I born in?” The distance between the two grew uncomfortably shorter as she continued her barrage of questions.

“Lisa…” David had backed himself up against the kitchen island.

“What state was I fucking born in?!”

David could not bring himself to answer.

“ERRR! TIME’S UP! Delaware. Here’s a big question for ya. What was my birth name?”

“Lisa, come on,” David groaned again.


“No!” David finally pushed back. He stood tall and even took a step towards Lisa. “Where the hell are you getting your info from, huh? Valencia? She used you! Stole your money! And you want to take what she says for face value?”

“So, you can prove it?”

“What?” When Lisa didn’t repeat herself, David threw his head back. “Are you serious? What, you wanna do a DNA test or something?” he mocked.

Lisa said nothing, only glaring at him.

“You know what? If it’ll end this whole stupid thing once and for all, then sure! Let’s take a fucking DNA test!” David held out his arms, challenging Lisa.

“And you’ll accept whatever the results are?” Lisa spoke softly.

David folded his arms and stood with a wide stance. “I ain’t got nothing to hide. In fact, here…” David then reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. “I’ll call up-“

“Someone you know so they can fuck with the results?” Lisa interrupted. “Is that how you’ve been fucking with me?” Lisa’s grip on the hammer grew tighter. Her teeth began to grind. “Hiring some goon to feed me the lies you’ve fed them? Like the doubt you planted in Jason’s mind about his wife cheating on him…? Or like her fake lawyer…? Or like what you tried to do with Damario…? And God knows whatever else you’ve lied to me about?” David scoffed at Lisa in response. “Put your goddamn phone down,” she said through her teeth. “’cause I’ve already ordered a test.”

“Fine!” David pivoted. “We’ll do it your way.” She could almost see a smug smirk on his face. “Then you’ll see I’m-“

“So, even with me calling the shots, you’re confident you’ll be able to manipulate the results?” Lisa whispered. Her body was visibly shaking.

“You’re not going to accept any results unless it’s this bleak one you’ve cooked up in your head?” David shouted. “What conditions would you be happy with, huh?! What would get you to finally drop this whole damn thing?”

“Results you have no chance of messing with… Like the results I got a month ago.”

David said nothing.

“I got to thinking,” she began. “Emmett’s your son, right? And Sandrine confirmed as much. So, if he and I share a father, we should share some DNA… Right?” Lisa caressed the top of the hammer with her free hand. “You wanna know how many of your genes we share? Fucking. Zero,” she said without looking up from the hammer. “Emmett and I have completely different parents. His mother is not my mother…”

“Okay… Lisa…”

“And his father… is not my father…” Her eyes rose and stabbed David. “So, then I went to Eric. Damn near knocked the man out when I confronted him. But I got him to tell me about Delaware.” Lisa was nearly on top of David by now, her gaze never leaving the man whom she will no longer call father. “That’s where I found Bellamy’s obituary… Hers AND Eliza’s… the little girl she gave birth to and apparently lost on the same day. I found her grave after that. Both of theirs. Can you begin to imagine what it’s like standing in front of your own grave?”

“Lisa,” David pleaded with a whisper. “Listen to me…”

“And Timothy? Bellamy’s ‘psycho-crazy’ husband who was out to kill me? Yeah.” A dark smile began to creep up her face. “He apparently misses his wife and daughter so much, he holds a huge event and charity for mothers and daughters every year on Christmas in honor of them, and closes his company down the day after to mourn with is family… Every. Year. He’s done this.”


“Everything… you ever told me… was a FUCKING LIE!” Lisa swung the hammer up over her opposite shoulder. David flinched, holding his hands out and begging for mercy. But Lisa held there, heaving. “I want… to know… the truth…” Her body was rigid. It took everything to stop her from following through. “Give me one reason… why I shouldn’t beat you within an inch of your life?!”

“Sweetie… Baby…” David had fallen off balance a bit and was trying to gain some ground. “I… I told you, it’s complicated.”

“Because you made it fucking complicated!”

“Okay! Okay. Okay… Just… calm down, okay?” Lisa’s breath had quickened, her vision gone hazy. “I don’t care what anyone else says, you are my daughter. And I love you so very much.”

“Bullshit!” Lisa cocked the hammer back even further, ready to strike. “You’ve disowned me, lied to me, used me, threatened me!” Each pause drew Lisa a little closer to letting go. None of her anger management lessons would matter if she were to continue this way. “And after all of this, I find out that I wasn’t even your fucking daughter to begin with?!"

“Yes, you were!” David stood firm. “You were always going to be mine! That’s how it was supposed to fucking be! You were supposed to be my daughter!”

“’Supposed to…?’” Lisa whispered. “You stole me…”

“What? No. Lisa.”

“I had… a real father… who never turned away from me, even after he thought I had died… While I was living with you: The man I looked to for guidance… that put his hands on me, threatened to sue me, and disowned me, all while lying to my face… for twenty-five fucking years!”

“Lisa! That is enough!”


The sounds that followed shattered across the condo. The screams: even more so. All her fighting, all her holding back, all her anger management training did nothing to stop her in that moment. Any hesitation she started with melted away the louder the condo grew. Then finally, towering over the crippled mouse, Lisa used the blunt edge of the hammer to force David to look up at her.

“You… are going to tell me everything,” she spoke out of breath. “Or I swear, I won’t hold back this time.” David cursed and grunted as he clenched his leg. “Now!” she demanded.

“Fuck you! I raised you!” David snarled back. He was breathing through his teeth, trying to manage the pain. “You ungrateful…” Lisa slowly raised the hammer once more, threatening to follow through. “It’s your fault she died!” And suddenly, Lisa froze. David blamed Lisa for Bellamy’s death? Between grunts and yells, David bared his teeth at Lisa. “I was going to finally be happy! Until she got pregnant with you. She was all fine with leaving her husband, but she ended up pregnant with you! Because of you she had to ‘stay with the family,’” he mocked. “I told her! I told her to just get a fucking abortion! We would have been fine! We would have been together! But no! She kept you! And what did that do for her?!” Lisa was stunned the whole time David spoke. He had been harboring this for twenty-five years? “She fucking dies! She was going to leave me and go back to her husband. And even if I had a chance to convince her to leave with me after you were born, she dies because of that fucking decision! And then what?! Tim gets to have you?! Fuck that! I was supposed to have a family with Bellamy! I was supposed to be the father! Me!” His heavy breathing caused him to spit a few times. His body rocked as he held his knee close to his chest. “You ungrateful little bitch. Do you think you’d be where you are without me? I should have sued you last year! You think you know what I’m capable of?! I won’t make the same mistake as last time!”

Finally, Lisa looked down at David with an unmerciful glare. “You’re going to sue me? The daughter of Timothy duPont, heir of the duPont family fortune, and whose daughter you’ve KIDNAPPED and made believe was dead all these years?!” She squatted down to meet David eye to eye. “At this point… I could get away with murder…” she whispered. The two stared at each other, neither one sure of what was going to happen next. No one would blame her, not even David. Eventually his eyes closed, and his head fell back against the wall of the kitchen island. His breathing got raspy, and Lisa’s kept getting caught in her throat. Her head moved about, searching for her next action. And eventually, in the middle of her thoughts, she spoke.

“Get the hell out of my house,” she whispered. “I never want to see your face again. If I do… I don’t care what they do to me.”

“So, that’s it, huh?” David huffed.

“You have ten seconds to get the FUCK out of my house,” she warned as she stood to her feet.

“If you haven’t fucking noticed, my fucking knee is busted!” David roared.

“One…” David stared at her, challenging her. “Two…” David’s eyes grew wider when Lisa’s narrowed. “THREE…” She was not bluffing. At this point, why would she be?

“Alright, fine,” he said. “But this isn’t over!”

“Fucking, FOUR…” Lisa twirled the hammer in her hand like she was walking up to bat. “FIVE!” Her pace started to pick up. David tried to ease his body into a position where he could attempt to crawl towards her door, but it proved more painful than he had anticipated. “SIX.” Lisa was on his heels, and he slowly pulled his body across the floor. “SEVEN… EIGHT… NINE!” David pulled himself up as best he could and opened the door, spilling out into the hall just before Lisa finished counting. Staring down at him, Lisa heaved. She slammed the door. And screamed. She wasn’t done with him. There was so much more she wanted to do to him. So much more he deserved. But her sanity has taken as much as one poor soul could take.

((Poem written by Valerie Dohren))

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