Galveston Sand Dollars

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Galveston Sand Dollars
Galveston Sand Dollars logo
Conference Western Conference
Division Southwest Division
Founded 2009
History Tucson Demons (1961-2009), Galveston Sand Dollars (2009-2013)
Arena The G.O. Moody House (aka The GO! House)
City Galveston, TX
Team colors Yellow, Cyan and White


Owner(s) Greg Moody
General manager Wilmer Grehr (male European Red Deer)
Head coach Madison Downie (female harbour seal)
Assistant coach Charles Nguyen (male seagull)
Lead trainer Sandy Maxwell (female golden retriever)
Division titles

The Galveston Sand Dollars were an FBA team in the Southwest Division of the Western Conference, previously known as the Tucson Demons.

After five years with marginal success in the southeastern Texas city, the franchise was moved to Honolulu and re-imaged as the Hawaii Kahunas.